2018 Final Ranking Of All 130 Head Coaches: How Good Were Their Seasons?

2018 Final Ranking Of All 130 Head Coaches: How Good Were Their Seasons?

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2018 Final Ranking Of All 130 Head Coaches: How Good Were Their Seasons?


100. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 13
2018 Record: 7-6

He had a College Football Playoff-level defense, and an O scored six points in three of its last four games. Yeah, he beat Penn State, but lost to Michigan, lost to Ohio State, lost to Nebraska, and in the bowl, lost to Oregon. ANY offense would’ve meant wins – most likely – in all five of those games.

99. Mark Whipple, UMass

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 78
2018 Record: 4-8

He could never, ever, ever figure out the defense. The Minutemen gave up 35 points or more eight times, and 50 or more in six games. Throw in the midseason suspension after a few unfortunate comments to go along with the 4-8 record, and the era came to an end. Now he’s the Pitt offensive coordinator.

98. Charlie Strong, USF

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 35
2018 Record: 7-6

USF was supposed to be a challenger for the American Athletic title, and things looked promising after a 7-0 start, but then came the collapse. Strong’s team lost its last six games with the offense going into the tank.

97. Mark Richt, Miami

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 19
2018 Record: 7-6

It was … weird. The defense was more than good enough to at least repeat as the Coastal champ, but the offense sputtered and coughed over the second half of the season under a head coach that was supposed to be an offensive guru. He could never get anything out of his Hurricane quarterbacks.

96. Terry Bowden, Akron

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 31
2018 Record: 4-8

Just when it seemed like the defending MAC West champs were on the way to a big season – starting 4-3 with a shocking win over Northwestern – pffffffft. The air went out of the balloon of the Bowden era, losing five straight and scoring seven points or fewer in three of the last four games.

95. Mike Bloomgren, Rice

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 2-11

Rice wasn’t supposed to do anything in his first season, and it didn’t. There was a win over Old Dominion to close things out, but his offense scored 17 points or fewer in six of the seven games before that.

94. Dana Dimel, UTEP

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 1-11

He won a game. Start from there, and everything else doesn’t seem so bad after the program’s winless 2017. 1-11 is hardly a positive, but the Miners were far more competitive in Dimel’s first season.

93. Will Muschamp, South Carolina

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 17
2018 Record: 7-6

This was the fun and exciting breakthrough season under Muschamp? Nope. There was no shame in getting rolled by Georgia and South Carolina, but the collapse against Florida was miserable, and the 28-0 loss to Virginia in the Belk Bowl was inexcusable.

92. David Beaty, Kansas

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 127
2018 Record: 3-9

His teams played really, really hard, but they just weren’t very good at playing college football. This year’s Jayhawks lost eight to the last nine games and just couldn’t find anything that worked when the D wasn’t taking the ball away a bazillion times. Now, Les Miles gets to try to figure this out.

91. Sean Lewis, Kent State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 2-10

The program had to start from scratch, and while the FlashFast offensive style only produced one FBS win – and the same 2-10 record as 2017 – the O scored 134 more points, almost doubling last year’s production. Baby steps – it’ll take a little while for college football’s youngest head coach to find his groove.

90. Philip Montgomery, Tulsa

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 118
2018 Record: 3-9

It was an awful 3-9 season, but where was the truly awful loss? Losing at home to Arkansas State wasn’t great, and losing at Navy late wasn’t okay, but his Golden Hurricane team was simply outmatched in game after game. At least it was competitive.

89. Troy Calhoun, Air Force

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 89
2018 Record: 5-7

Air Force is supposed to be a regular in the bowl world, but instead, his team couldn’t seem to win the close games and had its second straight losing season. The defense was even worse than the disappointing 2017 version.

88. Mike Neu, Ball State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 119
2018 Record: 4-8

The 2017 team was crippled by injuries and won three games. The offensive stars were back, and the team won … four games. The O stunk in blowout loss after blowout loss

87. Frank Wilson, UTSA

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 52
2018 Record: 3-9

No, no, no, no, no – this season was supposed to be a whole lot better. The program that won six games last year with a killer defense only got 170 points out of its putrid offense. Instead of being a player in the Conference USA race, it lost its last six games.

86. Rocky Long, San Diego State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 43
2018 Record: 7-6

What was that? The team that was good enough to find a way to get by Arizona State and win at Boise State crumbled in a brutal second half of the year. Losing five of the last six games was horrible, but the lifeless 27-0 clunker to Ohio in the Frisco Bowl was inexcusable for a program that should’ve been good enough to play for the Mountain West title.

85. Doug Martin, New Mexico State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 38
2018 Record: 3-9

The greatness of 2017 was unsustainable. The Aggies didn’t beat anyone who was any good, and the loss to Texas State was a disaster. However, 3-9 was roughly around what newly-independent New Mexico State was supposed to do.

84. Jonathan Smith, Oregon State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 2-10

It might have been his first season, but when the high point is a wild comeback to ruin Colorado and change around the program, that’s not a plus. There were promising signs on offense, but the defense has a long, LONG way to go under the new guy.

83. Matt Luke, Ole Miss

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 30
2018 Record: 5-7

With no bowl to play for, and with all of the other restrictions after the sanctions, he did an okay job of trying to keep everything rolling. However, everything fell apart late in the season with five straight losses.

82. Gus Malzahn, Auburn

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 28
2018 Record: 8-5

How can a Gus Malzahn team have a sputtering offense? To be fair, four of the losses were more than acceptable – LSU, at Mississippi State, at Georgia, at Alabama – but at home against Tennessee? The team that rolled Purdue 63-14 in the Music City Bowl should’ve been close to that good at least once in a while when it mattered.

81. Sonny Dykes, SMU

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 5-7

The offense was okay, but inconsistent. There weren’t any inexcusable losses among the first six – the Mustangs should’ve lost them all – but with bowl eligibility on the line, his team lost to a bad Tulsa squad.

80. Joe Moglia, Coastal Carolina

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Record: 5-7

After missing last season with health issues, the bar was set a bit too high early on with a 5-3 start. All Moglia had to do was win one more game to go bowling, and his Chanticleers lost their last four, including a clunker against a bad South Alabama squad.

79. Scott Frost, Nebraska

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 2
2018 Record: 4-8

The Huskers got a whole lot better and more exciting late in the season after having to do a total renovation – it’s why he’s not lower. Even with the total rebuild and renovation, the collapse at Northwestern and the 0-6 start – with way, WAY too many penalties – wasn’t okay.

78. Brad Lambert, Charlotte

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 120
2018 Record: 5-7

He actually did a decent job, winning five games and showing signs of improvement for a team that wasn’t supposed to do anything. But the O sputtered – scoring 20 points or fewer five times – and he was canned. Will Healy will step in and take over a decent situation.

77. Jason Candle, Toledo

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 29
2018 Record: 7-6

The defending MAC champs had the offense go back to the title game and keep rolling. But this was supposed to be another big year, and seven wins and the three MAC losses weren’t okay.

76. Craig Bohl, Wyoming

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 44
2018 Record: 6-6

Wyoming didn’t go bowling partly because it was boring. The offense picked it up late in the season on a four-game winning streak, but none of the six wins were any good, and the O went a stretch of seven straight games scoring fewer than 20 points.

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