Urban Meyer Retiring? Top 5 Next Coaching Job Options

Urban Meyer Retiring? Top 5 Next Coaching Job Options

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Urban Meyer Retiring? Top 5 Next Coaching Job Options


Is Urban Meyer really retiring from coaching? Maybe, but if not, what are his next five top coaching options?

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Do you really think Urban Meyer is retiring from coaching for good?

He absolutely needs time off to get healthy again, but …

The guy is only 54, he’s as good as anyone in the game at doing this coaching football thing, and he’s going to be in the unique position of doing anything or going anywhere he wants.

You name the job opening, and he can have it.

For example, it might be too soon and not quite the right fit to grab the Green Bay head coaching gig, but for a guy like Meyer, it’s about doing something legendary.

He’s not Bob Stoops, who could unplug and get out. Meyer’s a coach. That’s who he is and what he does, and he’ll be in a unique position to take over any job that would be a dream for anyone and everyone else.

You have to be talking A list of A list gigs for him to take this on.

There are the legitimate health issues, and he does appear to need to recharge the batteries, but he was grouchy at Ohio State for getting suspended during the Zach Smith controversy.

So figure his next coaching gig to be in a year or two after he goes back to the booth as a brilliant color commentator, and then waits to see what opens up.

The five most interesting potential job options for Urban Meyer are …

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

No, no, no, no, NO. It’ll never, ever, ever happen, but … just imagine, what if?

If you’re looking for the one guy who could eventually possibly follow that, here he is.

Nick Saban is still a not-that-old – considering he’s not starting from scratch like, say, a Mack Brown is at North Carolina – and he could absolutely still be the Crimson Tide head man five years from now, maybe longer. But let’s say he’s done within the next two years.

Let’s say that he wants to go out on top and is ready to enjoy life without having to be Nick Saban, Alabama Head Football Coach, or, let’s say he wants to scratch that NFL itch one more time and give it a shot.

Dabo Swinney would be the obvious next huge name in line for the job, however, Urban Meyer would on the minds of some of the big-wigs who’d want to keep the whole machine going.

Meyer isn’t the type who’d have an issue with the challenge, and he’s not going to care about having to fill Saban’s shoes. But ….


If Saban would happen to leave and Meyer is still not coaching anywhere, it’ll be a big deal and many would try to at least think about the possibilities, but again, Dabo would probably be the one to step in.

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