Orange Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Orange Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

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Orange Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma Fearless Prediction, Game Preview


Orange Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma College Football Playoff Semifinal fearless prediction and game preview.


Date: Saturday, December 29th
Game Time: 8:00 ET
Venue: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL
Network: ESPN

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Alabama (13-0) vs. Oklahoma (12-1) Game Preview

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Three Reasons Why You Should Watch The Orange Bowl

Just start with Tua vs. Kyler, and go from there. In the short history of the College Football Playoff. there was Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota in the 2014 Rose Bowl, and there was Baker Mayfield vs. Deshaun Watson in the 2015 Orange Bowl. Those were the two best quarterback matchups so far, and this one is right there.

Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray has a Heisman, Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa has a national title, and this year, they produced two of the statistically greatest seasons in the history of college football. No one has ever finished a season with a passer efficiency rating of over 200, and at the moment, Murray is at 205.72, and Tagovailoa is at 202.30. These two will be worth the price of admission.

It’s almost become a given that Alabama is going to be in the College Football Playoff. After all, it’s been in the first five, playing in three national title games, gunning for a fourth appearance, and winning two of them. But out of all of Nick Saban’s amazing teams, this one might just be his best yet.

AJ McCarron was great, but Saban has never had a quarterback with the accuracy and skill of Tagovailoa. The running backs are deep, even for Alabama. The receiving corps it devastatingly talented, even for Alabama. The defense has had a few issues here and there, but it’s still amazing, even for Alabama.

There might have been a scare in the SEC Championship against Georgia, but no one else has come close to touching this team. The team proved it could take a punch and come out just fine. And now, it’s one win away from tying the 2009 national title team with 14 victories. Win this, win one more, and it can dive into the discussion of the greatest college football teams of all-time.

– Oklahoma is knocking on the door. The Baker Mayfield-led 2015 version was good, but it wasn’t quite national title-great. Last year’s team would’ve given Alabama a heck of a fight, but the overtime loss to Georgia in the Rose Bowl kept the amazing offense from getting its shot.

This year’s Sooner team might not have much of a defense, but the offense has been close to unstoppable. Only Army was able to keep OU to under 37 points, and that’s because it held on to the ball for five days to keep Murray and company off the field.

OU has played in three national title games and those two College Football Playoff semifinals – going 0-5 – since Bob Stoops took the Sooners to the Orange Bowl against Florida State, pulling off the 13-2 win for the 2000 national championship. Beat Alabama, and it’ll be the program’s biggest win in 18 years.

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