College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot: Making The Case For Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma

College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot: Making The Case For Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma

College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot: Making The Case For Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma


Who’ll get the honor of being the fourth team in the College Football Playoff? Here’s the case for the three top options.  

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Everyone is so angry.

We all know that Alabama will be the No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff rankings on Sunday, and Clemson will be No. 2.

And Notre Dame will be in there somewhere, even though seemingly every talking head and analyst – other than Kirk Herbstreit, who didn’t mince words and nailed the entire argument dead cold – begins with some disclaimer about how it’s not one of the four best teams, but …

It’s in. There’s no point in getting into a twist over this – the Irish are in, and they’re two games away from winning the national title.

UCF isn’t a part of this despite being 12-0. It’s a great story, and it’s back in the New Year’s Six, but no.

It’s down to three teams for one spot – Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Here’s the case for each one to get into the VIP club.

Georgia Bulldogs

Did you watch the SEC Championship?

You’re hooked up to a lie detector/your 401k depends on it/you get a King Size Snickers if you’re right.

You saw Georgia vs. Alabama … you’re not taking Notre Dame over Georgia on a neutral field.

Georgia vs. Ohio State. Georgia. Of course. Northwestern gave the Buckeyes more problems than the 45-24 final score.

Go Georgia  vs. anyone but Clemson or Alabama, and if you’re going by the eye-test, the talent factor, and simply watching this team all season long, yeah, it’s one of the three best teams and easily one of the best four.

However, putting in Georgia screws up the precedent and changes up the system.

Nah, there isn’t quite the anti-SEC bias out there than many think – deep down, anyone with a working brain gets that the SEC was the best conference in a down season overall for leagues. But there is a bias against teams that didn’t take care of business.

Did Georgia win its conference championship? Nope. 2016 Ohio State and 2017 Alabama didn’t win their own divisions, and 2018 Georgia did, but the committee does care about conference titles.

Did Georgia lose once? Nope. Oh yeah … it got blown out at LSU by 20. The Dawgs might have rolled through everyone else by double-digits – including South Carolina, Missouri and Kentucky on the road, and Middle Tennessee (it did play in the Conference USA championship), Auburn and Georgia Tech at home, and Florida in Jacksonville – but that one loss to the Tigers is a killer.

No, it’s not fair that Georgia played Alabama while Clemson got the light scrimmage against Pitt, Oklahoma got a not-Alabama Texas team and Ohio State got to eat at the kid’s table against Northwestern.

But again, putting Georgia in sets a new precedent, and we saw Georgia get its shot against Alabama on a neutral field, and for the second time in a row in that building it gacked away the game. Why should it get a redo?

Yeah, it’s one of the three best teams. Yeah, it beat eight bowl teams. But no championship and two losses … that’s just too much.

The committee won’t go for it.

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