Washington 28, Washington State 15, What It All Means To The College Football World

Washington 28, Washington State 15, What It All Means To The College Football World


Washington 28, Washington State 15, What It All Means To The College Football World


Washington beats Washington State to go to the Pac-12 Championship. What does it all mean to the college football world?

Curse you, weather gods.

No excuses. Washington State didn’t take advantage of the not-that-bad conditions early on. However, from the fourth down missed snap that could’ve led to an early lead, to the inability to get the passing game going in the blizzard, it’ll always be unfair and it’ll always stink that the Cougars didn’t get a chance to do what they wanted to because of the conditions.

Both teams turned it over three times. Each side had issues with the weather, but again, this clearly killed Washington State. The UW defense might be amazing, but the Cougars gain more than 237 yards on a dry track.

Not that Washington State was really in the College Football Playoff discussion, but this means the Pac-12 is totally and completely out of the conversation yet again. There’s a fantastic payoff for the Washington-Utah winner getting to play in the Rose Bowl, but Texas could beat Oklahoma, and on a strange day, Northwestern could pull out the Big Ten championship. 12-1 Pac-12 Champion Washington State would’ve had a case.

Washington was supposed to be in the Pac-12 title game. It might have been a rocky run, and it’s a disappointing season considering the expectations coming into the season, but the Huskies get a chance to win their second Pac-12 title win three years. That’s special no matter what the other hopes were.

Washington was able to use its power and its lines, and Washington State couldn’t. The Huskies were able get 258 yards on the ground with Myles Gaskin coming up with 170 yards and three scores, and Salvon Ahmed tearing off 87 yards. Again, the weather screwed this up for the Cougars. They tried to run, and James Williams came up with 65 yards and two touchdowns, but that’s obviously not the team’s style.

Gardner Minshew completed 26-of-35 passes for 152 yards and two picks. Washington State couldn’t win without him being amazing, and while the snow had a lot to do with it, give Washington’s terrific defense a whole lot of credit, too.

Jake Browning threw an inexcusable interception in the end zone when he never saw Skyler Thomas. But he also completed 11 of his other 13 passes for 207 yards. Obviously, there was no was Washington State was going to win this if it was being outgained by Washington through the air.

Chris Petersen is 5-0 in the Apple Cup. He’s had better Washington teams than this, but he hasn’t had to do deal with any better Washington State teams in situations like this one. Of course the bar is set higher now for the Huskies, but if you’re the U-Dub head man, and you’re beating Wazzu, the people are happy.


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