The Most Likely College Football Playoff Chaos Scenario, And What Will Actually Happen

The Most Likely College Football Playoff Chaos Scenario, And What Will Actually Happen

College Football Playoff

The Most Likely College Football Playoff Chaos Scenario, And What Will Actually Happen


What’s the likely College Football Playoff chaos scenario that you’re probably not thinking about? 

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I’m about to let you in on the most likely College Football Playoff chaos scenario. It comes with a warning, though. Once you read this, it’s going to be so obvious that you’ll be grouchy that you didn’t see it all coming.

If you want chaos and craziness, it’s not coming from a massive upset or something bizarre. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Everything goes chalk, but big-time.

You want to get the social media world going into overdrive on Saturday night? Check out this likely scenario.

Step One, the Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma beats Texas convincingly.

The Oklahoma offense goes off for 48 points, and the defense – while a bit shaky – holds on, allowing the Longhorns to around 31ish. It’s a strong, good win by the Sooners with the O looking amazing as it avenges the lone loss of the year. Horns down.
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Step Two, the SEC Championship: Alabama beats Georgia … well.

The Crimson Tide are brutally efficient as they overcome the early Georgia emotion for a business-like win. It’s not a blowout, and it’s not ugly, but Bama opens up a tight game to win something like 34ish to 20ish.

The Dawgs are fine, but it’s just enough of a loss to keep anyone from stumping for a two-loss team to get into the CFP – even though Georgia is probably the third-best team in college football.
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Step Three, the ACC Championship: Clemson decides to go through the exercise.

Clemson arrives, Clemson gets off the bus, Clemson hangs 45 on the board in a light scrimmage against Pitt, Clemson has a snack, Clemson gets back on the bus as the mortal-lock No. 2 seed in the final College Football Playoff rankings.
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Step Four, the Big Ten Championship: Oh-dear lord-io State goes off.

From the first three plays on, the Buckeyes pull Northwestern’s underpants up over the entire Wildcat football program with a newly-designed thermonuclear wedgie.

This game becomes a problem right away, with OSU up 28-0 after the first quarter on the way a 63-3 annihilation. The devastation is so vast and horrific that the Big Ten has to move future championship games from Indianapolis.

Olay, too dramatic, so go with a simple Ohio State blowout.
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Okay, hot shot. Now what do you do?

Alabama is the 1 and Clemson is the 2 – that’s the easy part.

Notre Dame is the … it’s the … wait a second here. Now there’s a problem for the committee, starting with two key reasons.

1) There’s no hard and fast rule, but from the start of this whole thing – this was beaten into my head by the CFPers – the softly-spoken main aspect is that conference championships matter unless it involves a two-loss team. Teams that have won 12 games or more and a Power Five conference championship in the first four years of this College Football Playoff thing are 13-for-13 at getting in.

2) If this goes like I think it will, that means the Big Ten champion – this time, it’s a 12-1 Ohio State team; not just some upstart having a special year – is left out of the College Football Playoff for a third year in a row. The B1G was cool with that last year – because it caught the right end of the break in 2016 with Ohio State getting in despite not winning its own division –  but the big-wigs just outside of Chicago won’t play so nice this time around.

But how do you leave out Oklahoma? The defense might not be anything special, and there isn’t a super-duper win on the resumé, but it won a Power Five conference championship and – in this scenario – avenged its only loss. That offense is too good to leave out.

Ohio State lost to Purdue. However, it also took away Michigan’s will to further exist as an academic institution, while Notre Dame squeaked by the Wolverines – granted, before Ian Book and Dexter Williams were in the backfield – at home.

The Irish also struggled a bit against Northwestern, and was leaking oil in the regular season finale against a losing-season USC team. And, in this scenario, Ohio State not only ends the season as the hottest team over a two-game stretch, but it destroys the same Wildcat squad that the Irish had to fight.

But …

NEXT: Okay, so what’s really going to happen?

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