SEC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

SEC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


SEC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


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This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

Sometimes, it’s just as easy as sort of liking the home team. Both Texas A&M and Auburn have teetered on the brink of being fantastic this season, and at times, both have sputtered and coughed at the wrong times. If this thing is in College Station, the Aggies would be the call – but it’s not.

This started out as Auburn -6 before getting knocked down a few pegs. The public got on A&M and the points, and it thought the 49 total was too high. Now it’s down to four, and Auburn is slightly overdue to do something great.

The Tigers have had two weeks off. A&M had two weeks off and came up with a dud against Mississippi State last week. Auburn will do more with its break.
Texas A&M at Auburn Game Preview & Prediction

It would’ve been interesting if the NCAA had given Ole Miss a break on the bowl ban. It didn’t – that would’ve adjusted the line for extra motivation against South Carolina.

If you can figure out this Gamecock team, good luck. No matter what, it plays every game close lately – the last three games were decided by a grand total of eight points. But those three were at home. On the road, the Rebels are catching a bit of a break as a PICK game. Like the home team, like the over of 68 even more.
South Carolina at Ole Miss Game Preview & Prediction

I’m done thinking Kentucky can’t do something. Of course it’s not pretty. Of course it probably should have at least four losses by now. Of course Georgia might just come out and stomp all over UKs guts from the start.

I’m not going to argue with anyone who takes the Wildcats at home. They could do the exact same thing LSU did a few weeks ago and shut down this Bulldog thing cold. The line has gone down from ten to open to 8.5, and the total went up a point to 44.5.

Here’s the thing – Kentucky isn’t going to score a lot. So if you like the over, you sort of have to dive in head first and game the Bulldogs giving away the points, too.

I hate splitting hairs, but in what should be a low scoring game, liked loved Kentucky getting ten, liked it at 9.5, not happy at 8.5. Do with that what you must.
Georgia at Kentucky Game Preview & Prediction

Yeah, Drew Lock is a future NFL starting quarterback … but he’s not always playing like it. Yeah, the Florida secondary is loaded … but it’s not always playing like it. Give me the great group of defensive backs at home against the big-armed pro guy. The line hasn’t budged from six, but the total at 57 seems a tad high.
Missouri at Florida Game Preview & Prediction

For just about anyone else – even the SEC’s superstars – giving away 21 to Charlotte would be cause to pause. There are bigger fish to fry, this is a game to chill, this is when the backups get a little more time, etc. But Tennessee not only needs this, but it’s not in a position to not enjoy easy, blowout wins. Jump all over that 47 point total that went down a few points – the Vols could get that all by themselves.
Charlotte at Tennessee Game Preview & Prediction

Sort of like the Tennessee situation in terms of needing to try in a week when it shouldn’t have to, Mississippi State can’t just coast in what’s supposed to be its layup game against Louisiana Tech.

First of all, the Bulldogs – the Conference USA version – are good enough to keep this within the 23 as a sandwich. MSU is coming off the Texas A&M game, and it has Bama up next.

Second, MSU only has five wins. The last thing it wants is to have to worry about Arkansas and then roll the dice against Ole Miss if that game against the Hogs goes poorly. With Bama up next, get this done, get that sixth win, then focus on the upcoming showdown.
Louisiana Tech at Miss State Game Preview & Prediction

Wisconsin vs. Michigan screwed me up for Alabama vs. LSU. I went with the Badgers getting double digit points, mainly because of the historical aspect of it. That program just didn’t lose games big, and yet the Wolverines came out and rolled at will.

Historically, LSU being a 14.5 point underdog – more to the point, losing at home by double-digit points – doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. This year, the LSU defense is absolutely the real deal, the offensive line has everything in place to pound away, and …

In the end, you’re asking me to trust Joe Burrow, and you’re asking me to not pick Alabama to cover a spread. I can’t do either one, and if I’m wrong, I tip my hat, offer you a muffin, and go on about my day.

I’ll be curious to see where the late shifts come on the Bama -14.5 – that hasn’t moved much. My guess is that the line goes up by at least a point before gametime, as the late money thinks like I do. So if you like Bama, I’d suggest getting in now. If you like LSU, wait a bit.
Alabama at LSU Game Preview & Prediction

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