Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 11: Who Needs To Win RIGHT NOW?

Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 11: Who Needs To Win RIGHT NOW?


Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 11: Who Needs To Win RIGHT NOW?


Coaches On The Hot Seat: No, No, NO, They Won’t Get Fired, But … WIN NOW

5. Will Muschamp, South Carolina

It’s not like South Carolina was going anywhere this season, anyway, but when you collapse on the road when you have a game won, fans tend to get a wee bit emotional.

Gamecock fans were slightly displeased with the way their team gacked away the 35-31 loss to Florida.

The 5-4 Gamecocks will go bowling. They’re going to beat UT-Chattanooga, and they’re going to get by Akron, but if they get destroyed by rival Clemson on the road, the rumblings will continue.

Part of the problem was the promise and the potential coming off a 9-4 season. This was supposed to be a team good enough to push for the SEC East deep into November – basically, it should’ve been Kentucky – but instead, it got destroyed by Georgia, lost to UK by two touchdowns, and now is playing out the string.

4. Gary Patterson, TCU

This happens once in a while under Patterson.

His 2013 team didn’t show up, finished 4-8, and then came the big offensive chances. The result? 12-1 and a really, really close call to get into the College Football Playoff.

This was supposed to be a bit of a rebuild coming off the 11-3 season with a top ten finish, but injuries, mediocre quarterback play, and an offense that’s fizzled out has meant a run of four losses in the last five games and just two games with more than 17 points in the last seven.

Now, the team that was giving Ohio State such a hard time in mid-September has to beat both Baylor and Oklahoma State just to get bowl eligible.

It’s not going to beat Baylor and Oklahoma State.

3. Mike MacIntryre, Colorado

There are collapses, and there’s what’s happening in Boulder.

Colorado was 5-0 and coming off a win over Arizona State, and then came the trip to USC. It was a rough run in a 31-20 loss, but whatever.

Lose at Washington? Okay. No big deal, with Oregon State coming up, and …

The meltdown in a 41-34 loss might have cost the Buffs a bowl game.

Now, after losing to Arizona and Washington State, Colorado is on a five-game losing streak with Utah up next and a trip to Cal to finish up. Lose both of those, go 5-7, and it’ll be a fifth losing season in six campaigns.

2. Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech

It might be easy to blame the injury and loss of QB Josh Jackson, but replacement Ryan Willis has been fine. The issue is a defense that’s mysteriously gone bye-bye at odd times.

There were a whole slew of replacements needing to be made after a solid 2017, but this is Virginia Tech. It’s not supposed to allow 45 points or more in a game, much less in four of the last seven games.

And now, the team that got so much love for rocking Florida State to start the season has lost four of its last five games and probably won’t go bowling.

After getting destroyed by the Pitt ground game, the Hokies have to beat both Miami and Virginia just to slip into a minor bowl. They’re not playing well enough on either side of the ball to take out both of them.

You don’t think that’s a big deal? The last time Virginia Tech failed to go to a bowl game?


1. Mark Richt, Miami

There’s nothing that makes fans angrier than a season of failed expectations.

After all of the fun 2017 – with the Turnover Chain, the trip to the ACC Championship, the Orange Bowl – this year’s team has been a massive clunker. Going back to last season, Richt has gone 5-8, but again, there was hope.

The loss to LSU stunk, but after reeling off five straight wins, all seems right with the world.

And then the offense decided to take the last month off.

The Hurricane defense has done its job – it wasn’t awful against Georgia Tech in the 27-20 loss, and it’s kept the team in games – but the O just isn’t going anywhere.

So far under Richt, Miami is 24-2 when scoring 24 points or more – the losses coming to Notre Dame in 2016 and to Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl. Score under 24? 0-11.

Fortunately, Virginia Tech is up next, and then comes the date with Pitt. Win one and go bowling, but that’s not exactly what the fan base was hoping for.


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