College Football Expert Picks, Predictions: Week 11

College Football Expert Picks, Predictions: Week 11

CFN Expert Picks

College Football Expert Picks, Predictions: Week 11


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If there’s an *next to the pick, that means the team will win, but not cover.

INSTRUCTIONS: Make your pick against the spread. For example …
– If you think LSU will win -3.5 over Auburn: LSU
– If you think Auburn will win outright: Auburn
– If you think LSU will win, but NOT cover: LSU*


Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: 116-38 SU, 77-77 ATS
@JeffFeyererCFN: 108-46 SU, 82-72 ATS
@PeteFiutakCFN: 116-38 SU, 82-72 ATS 112-42 SU, 67-87 ATS 113-41 SU, 71-83 ATS
@IsaiahHole, 104-50 SU, 82-72 ATS 108-46 SU, 71-83 ATS
Shannon McKinley, 111-43 SU, 72-82 ATS
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: 100-40 SU, 68-73 ATS
@Jeremy Simon, 105-32 SU, 64-73 ATS
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: 110-44 SU, 72-82 ATS
@CrowleySullivan, 118-36 SU, 79-75 ATS 112-42 SU, 70-84 ATS
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: 112-42 SU, 76-78 ATS 112-42 SU, 71-83 ATS
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): 56-97 SU, 76-78 ATS
CONSENSUS PICK: 117-37 SU, 75-79 ATS


Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: TT +1.5 over Texas
@JeffFeyererCFN: Ohio State -3.5 over MSU
@PeteFiutakCFN: Clemson -20 over BC Alabama -25 over MSU Alabama -25 over MSU
@IsaiahHole, Notre Dame -17.5 over FSU Toledo +3 over NIU
Shannon McKinley, COMING
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: COMING
@Jeremy Simon, Texas -1.5 over Texas Tech
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Texas Tech +1.5 over Texas
@CrowleySullivan, Clemson -20 over BC Georgia -14 over Auburn
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: NW +10 over Iowa Texas Tech +1.5 over Texas
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): North Carolina +10.5 over Duke

Expert Picks & Predictions 
Wake Forest at NC St, Louisville at Syracuse, Fresno St at Boise St
Clemson at BC, Oklahoma State at Oklahoma, Texas at Texas Tech
NW at Iowa, Auburn at Georgia, Wisconsin at Penn St, Miss St at Bama

Tuesday, November 6

Kent State at Buffalo

7:30 ESPNU | Get Tickets
Line:Buffalo -17, o/u: 48.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Buffalo
@JeffFeyererCFN: Buffalo*
@PeteFiutakCFN: Buffalo Buffalo* Buffalo
@IsaiahHole, Buffalo Buffalo*
Shannon McKinley, Buffalo*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: COMING
@Jeremy Simon, Buffalo
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Buffalo*
@CrowleySullivan, Buffalo Buffalo
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Buffalo* Buffalo
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Kent State

Wednesday, November 7

Ohio at Miami University

7:00 ESPNU | Get Tickets
Line: Ohio -3.5, o/u: 61.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Ohio
@JeffFeyererCFN: Ohio
@PeteFiutakCFN: Ohio Ohio Ohio
@IsaiahHole, Miami Univ. Ohio
Shannon McKinley, Ohio
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: COMING
@Jeremy Simon, Ohio
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Miami Univ.
@CrowleySullivan, Ohio Ohio
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Ohio Ohio
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Ohio

Toledo at Northern Illinois

8:00 ESPN2 | Get Tickets
Line: Northern Illinois -3, o/u: 55.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: NIU
@JeffFeyererCFN: NIU
@PeteFiutakCFN: Toledo Toledo NIU
@IsaiahHole, Toledo Toledo
Shannon McKinley, NIU
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: COMING
@Jeremy Simon, NIU
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: NIU
@CrowleySullivan, NIU Toledo
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Toledo Toledo
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): NIU
CONSENSUS PICK: Northern Illinois

NEXT: Wake Forest at NC State, Louisville at Syracuse, Fresno State at Boise State


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