Cavalcade of Whimsy: Kyler Murray's Heisman, Alabama Is In & It'll All Work Out

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Kyler Murray's Heisman, Alabama Is In & It'll All Work Out

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Cavalcade of Whimsy: Kyler Murray's Heisman, Alabama Is In & It'll All Work Out


What doesn’t “work out?” Me after writing college football things for three months straight.

I don’t know why I bristle at the idea that the college football season “always works out,” as if it’s a given that we’re going to end up with four obvious College Football Playoff teams, or three locks, and maybe a goofy argument over that last team in with no definitive wrong answer.

Okay, so what happens if this doesn’t “work out?” For you College Football Playoff chaos dreamers out there, that’s exactly what you want.

Alabama goes 12-1, losing the SEC Championship to 12-1 Georgia, and both are in.

Clemson goes 13-0, and Notre Dame finishes 12-0, using the win over Michigan like a hammer in every practical and theoretical debate.

Michigan goes 12-1 with a Big Ten title.

UCF goes 12-0 and is on a 25-game winning streak.

Washington State goes 13-1 with a Pac-12 championship, and Oklahoma finishes 12-1 with yet another Big 12 title, and – for purposes of this blurb – the Heisman winner.

For the sheer joy of the moment, and the unrelenting, all-timer griping that would ensue, consider what life will be like if things don’t work out.

The College Football Playoff world doesn’t care about what you think – the entire point of this exercise is for just this instance, so the committee can sift through the chaos to come up with the four best teams.

However …

Just imagine the Pac-12 screaming. The conference isn’t that great, and Wazzu didn’t play a non-conference slate worthy of any consideration, but the flawed “East Coast Bias” narrative types would go off.

Just imagine the Group of Five screaming. Of course UCF wouldn’t deserve to be in – the schedule is a marshmallow – but this would feed right into the rigged system belief that, actually, isn’t too far off.

Just imagine the Oklahoma and Big 12 screaming. Georgia lost to LSU by 20. Oklahoma lost in a wild and crazy rivalry game against Texas that came down to a walk-off kick.

And for your needs, and for those who want to see a change in the system, just imagine the Big Ten screaming, which actually would matter in all of this.

Michigan would finally have its season. It would finally have vanquished Ohio State under Jim Harbaugh – on the road – and it would finally have the offense to go along with the defense to get close.

The one loss was on the road in the opening game of the year against a Notre Dame team that – in this theoretical scenario – would be 12-0 and the No. 3 team in the CFP. The argument could easily be made that Michigan is far, far sharper and better now than it was when it lost to the Irish way back at the beginning of the journey.

And, again, Georgia lost to LSU by 20.

The Big Ten was cool after Ohio State got snubbed last year despite winning the conference title – mainly because the Buckeyes caught the break the year before – but if there’s a worthy Michigan team, and we go a third straight year without the Big Ten champion getting into the College Football Playoff …

Just imagine the screaming.

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