Big Ten Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

Big Ten Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

Big Ten

Big Ten Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice on the Big Ten to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

If this is the Ohio State team it’s supposed to be and can be, it’s about serve a big plate of uh-oh to Nebraska. The Purdue loss was brutal, ugly, and almost a disqualifier in the College Football Playoff chase. But with two weeks off to stew, and at home … look out.

The line has moved up to 18, and the total up to 73. After the way the defense was embarrassed by the Boilermakers, this would be the moment the defense decides it’s done kidding around.

Nebraska, under normal circumstances, would be the call to hang around this, but … nope. Err on the side of Ohio State showing that it might just be one of the four best teams in college football.
Nebraska vs. Ohio State Game Preview & Prediction

Ugh … do we have to watch Rutgers and Wisconsin? One of two things happens here. Either the Badgers do their running game porn thing and blows up for 400 yards as they get their ya-yas out after whatever that was against Northwestern.

Or, without Alex Hornibrook, they’re boring, sloppy, and weird again in a boring, sloppy, and weird win. The line has blown up, dipping for a while at 28.5, and now it’s at 30.5. At home, run with the team that needs to feel good about itself again.
Rutgers vs. Wisconsin Game Preview & Prediction

As a friend, I’m going to look you dead in the face and say this so there’s no misunderstanding. STAY THE HOLY (bleep) AWAY FROM THIS MICHIGAN STATE-MARYLAND GAME.

Seriously, if you have a handle on the mood of this Terp team and how it’s going to respond to everything that went down this week, then you’ve got some magical powers, because everyone I know around the program has absolutely no clue what’s about to happen.

If I have to, Maryland as the emotional underdog at home isn’t a bad play, especially against a backup Spartan quarterback.
Michigan State vs. Maryland Game Preview & Prediction

Iowa is better than Purdue. It’s beaten up a bit, and there’s a problem with the depth in the secondary now, but it’s just a better team with a strong enough defense to hold the Boilermaker machine down. Start there, and then hope David Blough doesn’t go off. It might be a road game, but you’re giving the better team points. Yay.
Iowa vs. Purdue Game Preview & Prediction

Warning: I can’t stop picking Illinois to do something interesting. I need help, and I’m aware of my issues, but as some point, this Illini team has to be able to rise up and be good at football – or, at least, okay.

This is a Minnesota team that got rocked by Nebraska. The passing game is fine, but the defense isn’t anything special. Illinois, you’re at home, and you’re giving up 9.5 to this Gopher team? Again, I have a problem, but at least getting the points …
Minnesota vs. Illinois Game Preview & Prediction

Michigan. By 10.5. Don’t overthink this. I’m done thinking this is the Michigan team of the past few years, and I’m done assuming it’s going to fail in a big game.

Penn State is coming off a nasty, physical fight against Iowa with a whole lot of bumps and bruises, and now it has to deal with a Michigan team that’s had two weeks off. Throw in the motivation from the annihilation in Happy Valley last year, and this might be a whole lot easier than you might think.
Penn State vs. Michigan Game Preview & Prediction

Notre Dame is going to lose. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not after breakfast, but it’s going to happen. It’s a very good team, but it’s a flawed team that can be beaten by a sharp quarterback who can come through with a big performance in clutch moments.

That’s Clayton Thorson.

The Irish had to fight way, way, way too hard to get by Ball State. And Vanderbilt. And Pitt. And in primetime, it’s going to have to fight way, way, way too hard to get by Northwestern.

This is fun time for the Wildcats. They have bigger fish to fry with a showdown for – possibly – the Big Ten West at Iowa next week. When it’s not supposed to do anything big, it plays amazingly well – like in the win over Michigan State, the close call loss to Michigan, and even last week against Wisconsin.

When does it struggle? Akron. Against a winless Nebraska. Rutgers.

This obviously falls into that first category.

The line started at seven, and now it’s up to ten.

You might not even need the points.
Notre Dame vs. Northwestern Game Preview & Prediction

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