ACC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

ACC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


ACC Week 10 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


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The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice on the ACC to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

Virginia games have a way of being close, but Pitt has a way of occasionally not showing up to games. These two have been scoring more than the 47.5 point total would let on, but even though this screams Cavaliers in a walk … Pitt is just weird.

Welcome to the mealy-mouthed, long-winded way of saying, ehhhhhh, Pitt with the 7.5. But not happy about it.
Pitt vs. Virginia Game Preview & Prediction

Okay, Louisville-hating public. You’ve pushed it too far. Of course Clemson is more than five touchdowns better than the Cardinals, but 38.5? That’s just silly talk. The Tigers could hang 50 on the board, and it takes just a few strange scores to screw up the line.

Of course Clemson will win in a wipeout, but that number is way, way too large against a bad team with nothing to lose and a decent passing game.
Louisville vs. Clemson Game Preview & Prediction

I’m a sucker for overs on possible shootout games, just because their fun. So be forewarned, the total for Syracuse-Wake Forest could be a gajillionmillion, and I’d still probably like the over easy.

76 is really, really big, but I’ve come this far. It’s gone up a point over the last day, and Syracuse went from a -4 to -6.5. It’s fine. The Orange are bowl eligible, and they’ll play loose and fun.
Syracuse vs. Wake Forest Game Preview & Prediction

Spin the wheel and try to see which Georgia Tech and North Carolina teams show up. The Yellow Jacket offense has been amazing, and the Tar Heel defense isn’t great, but … that UNC offense can put up yards on a bad Tech secondary.  I’m splitting my beliefs here. Georgia Tech wins on the road, but UNC keeps it close – happy that the line went up to Yellow Jackets -6.5.
Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina Game Preview & Prediction

UGH … NC State should be around a 6.5 against Florida State, and it was okay when it got up to 8.5, and now it’s up to 9.5? For a team that’s lost its mojo? Fine, I’ll do it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

This isn’t your 2016 self’s FSU secondary. At home, if this Wolfpack team is any good, it should win by double digits, but again … yuck. This should be a few points lower.
FSU vs. NC State Game Preview & Prediction

I’m sort of surprised the public isn’t liking Boston College more at Virginia Tech. I thought before the line came out that this would be a great value pick for the Hokies, but it’s only Virginia Tech +2. At home, and desperate, I’ll go for it. After the way the defense has played over the last few weeks, I’ll take the chance that the Hokies show up.
Boston College vs. Virginia Tech Game Preview & Prediction

I’m making a deal with you, Duke and Miami. I know Miami just isn’t that good, and I know the Blue Devils are struggling. I like the under the 50.5 – and it’ll go down – with these two offenses, especially with no quarterback for the Canes.

I’ll buy in on the idea that Miami – sort of like Virginia Tech and North Carolina this week – are going to find an extra gear at home. But no, Canes. I’m not giving you 9.5 points – I don’t care how much the Blue Devils are struggling.
Duke vs. Miami Game Preview & Prediction

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