Week 9 College Football Expert Picks, Predictions

Week 9 College Football Expert Picks, Predictions

CFN Expert Picks

Week 9 College Football Expert Picks, Predictions


Ball State at Ohio

7:00 CBS Sports Network | Get Tickets
Line: Ohio -10.5, o/u: 64

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Ohio*
@JeffFeyererCFN: Ohio
@PeteFiutakCFN: Ohio*
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: Ohio
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: Ohio
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: Ohio*
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: Ohio*
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: Ohio
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Ohio*
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: Ohio
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Ohio
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: Ohio*
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: Ohio
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Ohio
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: Ohio*
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Ball State

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Appalachian State at Georgia Southern

7:30 ESPNU | Get Tickets
Line: Appalachian State -8.5, o/u: 45.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Appalachian State
@JeffFeyererCFN: Appalachian State*
@PeteFiutakCFN: Appalachian State
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: Appalachian State
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: Appalachian State
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: Appalachian State
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: Appalachian State
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: Appalachian State
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Appalachian State*
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: Appalachian State
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Appalachian State*
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: Appalachian State
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: Appalachian State*
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Ga Southern
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: Appalachian State
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Appalachian State
CONSENSUS PICK: Appalachian State

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

7:30 ESPN | Get Tickets
Line: Virginia Tech -3, o/u: 58.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Georgia Tech
@JeffFeyererCFN: Virginia Tech
@PeteFiutakCFN: Virginia Tech
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: Virginia Tech
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: Virginia Tech
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: Georgia Tech
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: Virginia Tech
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: Virginia Tech
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Virginia Tech
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: Virginia Tech
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Georgia Tech
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: Virginia Tech
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: Virginia Tech
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Virginia Tech
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: Virginia Tech
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Georgia Tech

NEXT: Baylor at West Virginia, Wisconsin at Northwestern, Washington State at Stanford

Saturday, October 27

Baylor at West Virginia

7:00 FS1 | Get Tickets
Line: West Virginia -14, o/u: 66

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: West Virginia
@JeffFeyererCFN: West Virginia
@PeteFiutakCFN: West Virginia
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: West Virginia
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: West Virginia*
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: West Virginia
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: West Virginia
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: West Virginia
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: West Virginia*
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: West Virginia
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: West Virginia
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: West Virginia
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: West Virginia
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: West Virginia*
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: West Virginia
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Baylor

Wisconsin at Northwestern

12:00 FOX | Get Tickets
Line: Wisconsin -6.5, o/u: 51.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Wisconsin*
@JeffFeyererCFN: Wisconsin
@PeteFiutakCFN: Wisconsin
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: Wisconsin
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: Wisconsin
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: Wisconsin
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: Wisconsin
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: Wisconsin
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Wisconsin*
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: Wisconsin
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Wisconsin
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: Wisconsin
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: Wisconsin
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Wisconsin
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: Wisconsin
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Northwestern

Washington State at Stanford

7:00 Pac-12 Network | Get Tickets
Line: Stanford -3, o/u: 55.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN @beatingthebook: Stanford*
@JeffFeyererCFN: Stanford
@PeteFiutakCFN: Washington State
@DanHarralsonVolsWire.com: Washington State
@PhilHarrisonBWBuckeyeWire.com: Stanford
@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com: Washington State
@JeremyMaussMWwire.com: Washington State
Shannon McKinley, TicketCity.com: Washington State
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Stanford
@Jeremy Simon, WVUwire.com: Washington State
Keith StewartWinners & Whiners: Washington State
@CrowleySullivan, SpartansWire.com: Washington State
@JoeVitaleUGAwire.com: Washington State
Ben Worgull, BadgersInsider@TheBadgerNation: Washington St
@Ryann_ZellerFrogsWire.com: Stanford
Clucko The Chicken (a coin flip): Stanford
CONSENSUS PICK: Washington State

NEXT: Georgia vs. Florida, Texas A&M vs. Miss State, Kentucky at Missouri


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