Purdue 49, Ohio State 20. Epic For One Side, Inexcusable For The Other

Purdue 49, Ohio State 20. Epic For One Side, Inexcusable For The Other

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Purdue 49, Ohio State 20. Epic For One Side, Inexcusable For The Other


What happened and what mattered in the Purdue 49-20 win over Ohio State?

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Purdue 49, Ohio State 20

Purdue was better. Jeff Brohm and his coaching staff put on a clinic, destroying Ohio State’s defensive scheme, getting the ball out of the hands of David Blough in a hurry, and designing everything to make sure his guys got into space in places where they could do things. And it didn’t hurt that DJ Knox – who ran for 128 yards and three scores – and Rondale Moore were the toughest-running players on the field.

Moore destroyed the Buckeyes with 12 catches for 170 yards and two scores, and he ran for 24 yards. Blough completed 25-of-43 passes for 378 yards and three scores, playing in total command, especially when he needed to answer. Ohio State was able to keep the pressure on, and it was able to keep it to within 15 points for most of the game. But the Boilermaker offense always had an answer.

Yeah, this was about Purdue winning. It’s also about an inexcusable performance from Ohio State. It was poorly coached, the tackling wasn’t there, and the team didn’t seem to have any answers. Yes, the players were the ones trying to execute, but this is on the coaches. Brohm and defensive coordinator Nick Holt were always four steps ahead of everything Ohio State was trying to do.

No, this had nothing to do with OSU not having a dual-threat quarterback. Mike Weber and JK Dobbins are NFL backs for a ground game that was held to 76 yards and didn’t have any big gashes. This in no way was Dwayne Haskins’ fault. He threw 73 times for 470 yards and two scores. There was a pick six, but that was when he was trying to get the team back in the mix.

Purdue scored 28 points in the fourth quarter. Ohio State scored six points in the first three quarters. It’s up to the multi-million dollar coaches to adjust and adapt, and they didn’t do that on the Buckeye side. However …

The Buckeyes are fine overall. This is still one of the four most talented teams in college football, and it still wins the national title by winning out. It’s far better than Nebraska, Michigan State, and Maryland, and if it can get its stuff together during the two weeks off, it’ll all be okay. Go 3-0, then beat Michigan, then beat the West winner, then go to the College Football Playoff. This isn’t like last year when the Iowa gaffe was a second loss.

Purdue is now deep in the thick of things in the West. Northwestern might be on top of the standings, but it’s not going to go unbeaten the rest of the way. The Boilermakers have the offense to get by Michigan State next week on the road, and Minnesota and Indiana are winnable. It’ll be the Iowa and Wisconsin home games that will be for the West – if it takes care of MSU from the East, first. But for now, whatever. Purdue, you just destroyed Ohio State.

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