Cavalcade of Whimsy: Is Notre Dame A CFP Lock? Midseason Stuff, Alabama Student Section

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Is Notre Dame A CFP Lock? Midseason Stuff, Alabama Student Section

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Is Notre Dame A CFP Lock? Midseason Stuff, Alabama Student Section


Is Notre Dame a College Football Playoff lock if it goes 12-0? That, midseason stuff, and the big things to take away from Week 6 … in the Cavalcade of Whimsy.

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Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault …

You readers are so entitled here at the Cavalcade, specifically the students. Listen, as a student, you’ve done nothing to write all these columns, okay? You spent a little bit of your daddy’s money to show up on the site, but you say you’re the best readers of CFN, well you need to show up.

I don’t care if I’m writing about Louisiana, whoever, if I’m writing about Hoover High School, you show up to the column and you support your Cavalcade. Because if you want to say you’re the best readers in the country, you show up for every column no matter what. Coach Saban is right. CFN readers, you need to show up for your Cavalcade.

It’s not like daddy helped them with, say, “a small loan of a million dollars” or anything …

Ridiculous crazy hot take coming in 3 … 2 …

Some people who go to college don’t care about sports.

I know, I know, it seems crazy to me, too, but these people apparently do exist. After all, if you don’t live and die with college football, then why the hell else would you go to Alabama?

That’s like going to Chick-fil-A and only ordering the grilled chicken nuggets, no sauce.

Simple. The school is buying its talent – but in a good way.

The University of Alabama has made a huge push over the last few years to recruit National Merit Scholars. And now, it’s doing a fabulous job of drawing on a national base of top-level students who go there to, like, learn and stuff.

Obviously, the bulk of the kids who go to Alabama are regional, and going to a place with the buzz and energy a football program at the level is part of the allure. But that also means that a whole new tide of students are rolling in who didn’t grow up with Bama football as a religion.

It means that when the team is about to play Louisiana and beat it by a gajillion points, maybe the student body has something better to do on a beautiful September Saturday.

So when Nick Saban cries and whines about the students at the University of Alabama not all pledging allegiance to the product of the fish-needs-a-bicycle, Dominio’s-fixing-roads, arm of the institution of higher learning, maybe that’s because the students are going through their own “Process” to enjoy the college experience.

It’s not on the students to make the football team better. It’s on the football team to play, and the students can do what they want.

No, it’s not a fan’s job to do anything more than enter a stadium and try to enjoy the product on the field, just like it’s never, ever anyone’s job at a concert to be asked to raise hands in the air, or care, or scream.

You … entertain … me.

There’s one other factor to all of this, too. It’s really, really, really hot in Tuscaloosa.

When it’s an 11 am CT start, a good portion of Bryant-Denny Stadium is baked all day in an unrelenting sun. By the time the first quarter is over, most smart people have probably seen and fried enough.

Next time, Nick, instead of worrying about the student section … worry about covering the spread again.

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