Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 6: Who's In Trouble, And Who Just Needs A Big Win?

Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 6: Who's In Trouble, And Who Just Needs A Big Win?

Coach Hot Seat

Hot Seat Coach Rankings After Week 6: Who's In Trouble, And Who Just Needs A Big Win?


Coaches On The Hot Seat: No, No, NO, They Won’t Get Fired, But … WIN NOW

5. David Beatty, Kansas

Well welcome back to the list, Mr. Beatty.

The team actually has been better. It’s more competitive, the defense is great at taking the ball away, and the offense has some pep. However, those two wins over Rutgers and Central Michigan that seemed so amazing a few weeks ago, now are just victories over two really, really bad teams.

Again, this isn’t the Kansas of the last few years, but it’s still 2-4, and it’s still going to take a major miracle to win another game.

It’ll be a double digit underdog the rest of the way, including next week’s date at Texas Tech. So far all of the positives in Year Four, and for all of the improvements, a 2-10 run is still likely.

4. Gus Malzahn, Auburn

It wouldn’t be an SEC season without a coach on a hot seat of some sort. But with Mark Stoops rolling at Kentucky, Ed Orgeron doing a good job at LSU, and with five new head coaches, almost all of the SEC head men are secure.

Losing at Mississippi State isn’t a problem, but the offense managing only three field goals? Auburn? Malzahn? That doesn’t work.

Of course, Auburn did beat Washington – probably the Pac-12’s best team – and there’s no dogging a dogfight with LSU in a 22-21 loss. But the Tigers had better obliterate Tennessee next week.

They’ll beat the Vols, and they’ll get by Liberty, but can the sputtering O keep up with Ole Miss on the road? How about at home against Texas A&M?

How about at Georgia and at Alabama? It’s very, very possible Auburn might be in for around a 7-5 season if there isn’t a quick boost to the suddenly punchless attack.

3. PJ Fleck, Minnesota

This isn’t going to be an easy rebuild.

Fleck has to completely change around Minnesota, get the offensive playmakers in place, and overcome the loss of his best player, RB Rodney Smith. But coming off a blowout loss to Maryland, his Gophers got destroyed at home by rival Iowa – the D wasn’t there in the 48-31 loss.

After missing out on a bowl game in his first season, the Gophers need to win win three of the last seven games. That might not seem like a big deal, but four of the last seven games are on the road – including dates at Ohio State and Wisconsin.

If this is all starting to work, getting by Indiana, Purdue and Northwestern at home have to be gettable, and losing at Nebraska and/or Illinois won’t be okay.

2. Bill Snyder, Kansas State

OF COURSE this is silly … again, this isn’t about whether or not a coach will be fired.

Of course this is his program, his football team, and his school, and, of course, it’s sacrilegious to put him on any sort of a list that includes the words hot and seat.

But winning a game again would be nice.

This is a better Kansas State team than it’s played so far, not getting enough from the lines and not creating the key breaks it needs to. There’s a win over UTSA, and a win over South Dakota. That’s it.

The Wildcats are 0-3 in Big 12 play with Oklahoma State up next. There are still road games at Oklahoma and TCU, and there’s still Texas Tech to deal with.

It’ll take a minor miracle to go bowling, and there’s no chance of finishing any higher than fourth in the Big 12 for the second time since 2012.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … he’s Bill Snyder. Moving along …

1. Bobby Petrino, Louisville

Georgia Tech 66, Louisville 31. And it could’ve been even worse.

Now, the Cardinals have a 20-17 win over WKU and a victory over Indiana State, but that’s it. A reasonable case could be made that this is the ACC’s worst team right now – the offense isn’t doing anything meaningful, and the defense isn’t picking up the slack.

To be fair, the D hasn’t been all that bad – the Georgia Tech game was an aberration – but this is now a true rebuilding year. Louisville isn’t going to hit the eight wins of last year without a miracles and it’s not going bowling without an impressive second half run.

Winning at Boston College next week would be a huge, huge help.

Obviously Petrino is a great coach, and this will start to work again – next year.

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