Daily Five: Heisman Candidates Who Could Beat Tua Tagovailoa

Daily Five: Heisman Candidates Who Could Beat Tua Tagovailoa

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Daily Five: Heisman Candidates Who Could Beat Tua Tagovailoa


The five Heisman candidates with the potential to beat out Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

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It’s going to take something extraordinary for Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to not win the Heisman.

He might not have the bulk numbers – he’s not needed much in the second halves of games – but his season are going beyond amassing the big numbers. He’s dominating in the time he’s playing at a historic level, making it about quality over quantity.

The most efficient quarterback in the history of college football for one season – at least to this point – he’s hitting 70% of his passes for 2,066 yards and 25 touchdowns …

And no interceptions.

Absolutely flawless, he’s taking target practice as the best player on the best team in college football. But what would it take for No. 13 not to win it? Who might possibly be able to rise up over the last part of the season and steal it away?

To start with the basics, a player …

1) Will need to be in the College Football Playoff chase.

2) Will need to play in a whole slew of giant Power Five games – sorry, McKenzie – that the whole world will be paying attention to.

3) Will already have a decent body of work to build on – Trevor Lawrence might have entered this a bit too late in the game.

Also, Tagovailoa will have to lose a few key games – likely being outplayed by one of the guys on this list – or he’d have to suffer an injury.

Obviously, no one wants the latter, but if that knee of his – or something else – kept him out of the final month of the season, the door might be open. But let’s take the injury part out of the equation – that’s no fun. Can someone actually do this and win even if Tagovailoa goes the whole way?

Here are five players who are in the hunt to at least be a finalist, and what it would take to beat out Tagovailoa for the greatest individual award in sports.

5. QB Jake Fromm, Soph. Georgia

The Resumé: So far, he’s the fifth-most efficient passer in college football this season, completing 67% of his passes for 1,409 yards and 13 touchdowns with four picks. The bulk numbers aren’t eye-popping, and and he’s not going to run, but he’s the leader and star of a team in a key stretch drive to win the SEC East, and possibly the conference title.

There hasn’t been any one signature performance so far, but he’s been steadily accurate and effective. However, he’s coming off a horrible game against LSU – completing 47% of his throws for 209 yards with a touchdown and two picks.

The other issue? Justin Fields. If Fromm starts to struggle at all, the super-recruit will get more and more time. That, obviously, negates anything surrounding the Heisman.

What’s Next: This is when he has to be amazing. He’s got the Florida showdown up next, and then the trip at Kentucky. If he can be lights-out, and Georgia wins because he’s the best player on the field in those two games, then the date with Auburn puts him in an even bigger spotlight.

How Can He Win The Heisman?Assuming wins over UMass and Georgia Tech after the gauntlet of three straight nasty SEC games, Georgia would most likely get Alabama in the SEC Championship.

If he rips it up and outduels Tagovailoa for the win and the title, he might just be able to snatch away the Heisman. Or, if it’s LSU, and he avenges the earlier loss and performance by going off, he’s got a shot.

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