College Football Playoff Rankings: What Will They Be On Tuesday Night?

College Football Playoff Rankings: What Will They Be On Tuesday Night?

College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff Rankings: What Will They Be On Tuesday Night?


What will the College Football Playoff rankings be in the first unveiling on Tuesday night?

We’re finally here with the first run of College Football Playoff rankings coming out on Tuesday night. It’s going to be fun, and everyone will get into them, but they’re simply a snapshot.

Remember, they do this each week by starting from scratch – they throw out the previous week’s rankings – so these will all hardly be set in stone.

In general, the committee likes big wins, and more than anything else, it likes big wins on the road. At the end, it’s about feel, eye-test, and resumé.

So what will they be? Here’s the best guess for what the first College Football Playoff rankings will be.

25. Fresno State Bulldogs 7-1

The Bulldogs have been dominant over the last month and haven’t allowed more than 27 points in any game. However, the loss at Minnesota early on will be just enough to drag down the ranking. The only decent win is over Nevada.

24. Utah State Aggies 7-1

The only loss came at Michigan State to open up the season with a 38-31 heartbreaker. There aren’t any good wins – BYU and Air Force are the only wins over teams that might go bowling – but the offense has been fantastic.

23. Virginia Cavaliers 6-2

Beating Miami isn’t that big a deal now, but it’ll sound impressive in the discussion. Is it a big deal to beat Duke and North Carolina? That’s okay, but it’s not enough to overcome losses to Indiana and NC State on the road.
– Virginia 31, North Carolina 21

22. Iowa Hawkeyes 6-2

There are a whole slew of good wins, but no great ones. The Hawkeyes looked great in blowout wins over mid-level Big Ten teams, but they lost at home to Wisconsin and they’re coming off the heartbreaker at Penn State. The lone win of note was over Iowa State.
Penn State 30, Iowa 24

21. Boston College Eagles 6-2

The Eagles will be an interesting early call. They beat Miami, but they got walloped by Purdue and lost to NC State – both losses were on the road. The second-best win was against … Wake Forest? Temple? The committee will care – and respect – that the team played fine when star RB AJ Dillon was hurt.
Boston College 27, Miami 14

20. Texas A&M Aggies 5-3

The committee cares about the record, but it’s more into the body of work. When they’re in the room arguing about how good the teams are, A&M losing to Alabama on the road and at home to Clemson 28-26 will be given a free pass. Losing at Mississippi State won’t be punished too much, either. Winning at South Carolina and handing Kentucky its only loss will be the key.
– Mississippi State 28, Texas A&M 13

19. Syracuse Orange 6-2

Considering the committee is going to be in love with Clemson, the close call loss will be let go. However, losing at Pitt will hurt the cause. The blowout over Florida State and the win over NC State will get the Orange in the top 20.
Syracuse 51, NC State 41

18. Mississippi State Bulldogs 5-3

The three losses came at Kentucky, at LSU, and to Florida … no shame there. The committee cares about how the teams are right now, too, and the Bulldogs have won two of their last three beating Auburn and Texas A&M.
– Mississippi State 28, Texas A&M 13

17. Houston Cougars 7-1

There aren’t that many amazing wins, but the Cougars scored 41 points or more in every game, they destroyed Arizona 45-18, and they just hung 57 on the board handing USF its first loss. The blowout loss to Texas Tech was early enough in the season to not be a massive problem in the rankings.

16. Penn State Nittany Lions 6-2

The win over Iowa was good, and the victory over Appalachian State will come across as even better. However, the committee only gives partial credit – in general – to close, tough losses, and the Nittany Lions lost to Ohio State and Michigan State by a combined five points. However, both losses were at home.
– Penn State 30, Iowa 24

15. Utah Utes 6-2

The committee takes into account who’s playing well right now, and few teams are hotter over the last four weeks than the Utes. They’re not just winning, they’re winning in blowout fashion after losing to both Washington and Washington State. Winning at Stanford by 19 helps.
– Utah 41, UCLA 10

14. UCF Knights 7-0

Don’t get too fired up/upset if an unbeaten UCF team is in the top ten, and don’t get too fired up/upset if it’s a lot lower than this. At the end of the day, UCF isn’t getting into the CFP unless the entire Power Five world collapses, but in this first go-round, the committee will sort of like the blowout wins. However, there’s absolutely nothing on the schedule to respect other than the 45-14 win over Pitt.

13. West Virginia Mountaineers 6-1

There’s not a lot there to love, other than the win at Texas Tech. The Mountaineers won’t get a lot of credit for blowouts against Tennessee or Kansas State, and the 16 point loss to Iowa State was ugly.
– West Virginia 58, Baylor 14

12. Texas Longhorns 6-2

Being the team that beat Oklahoma will be just enough to push past a slew of teams with better records. The loss at Maryland will be a bit of a drag, but losing at Oklahoma State is a close battle won’t hurt too much. Beating USC and TCU looks good in theory, but not really. Texas 48, Oklahoma 45. That’s the moneymaker.
– Oklahoma State 38, Texas 35

11. Ohio State Buckeyes 7-1

The timing of the Purdue game couldn’t have been worse. Not only was it two weeks ago, and not only was it before a week off – with no chance to do anything to make amends before the first rankings – but Purdue was dropped in rude fashion by Michigan State last weekend. Throw in the TCU loss to Kansas, and outside of the win over Penn State on the road, there’s not a whole lot on the schedule to like.

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