Daily Five: College Coaches Who Make Sense As Next Cleveland Browns Head Coach

Daily Five: College Coaches Who Make Sense As Next Cleveland Browns Head Coach

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Daily Five: College Coaches Who Make Sense As Next Cleveland Browns Head Coach


The five college coaching types who makes sense to be the next Cleveland Browns head coach.

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This one might be interesting.

The Cleveland Browns head coaching job is one of those jobs that fall into the category of gigs all football coaches dream of wanting, especially those with Ohio roots.

Hue Jackson being fired opens up a whole world of rampant speculation as to the possibilities of who might be the right fit to take over, and that applies to the college side for a whole slew of reasons.

Of course, it’s the NFL, so it’s 99% likely that Cleveland takes some assistant 99% of Americans have never heard of, but …

It’s a franchise that – evidenced by the pick of Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall – wants to make a splash.

This is ALL based on scuttlebutt, hearsay, and guys who deal with Cleveland and Ohio sports just talking – there’s nothing concrete here; just speculation – but here are five college coaches who have to be on the short list to at least be interviewed for the opening.

5. Bob Stoops, “retired”

Flip a coin for the No. 5 spot between Stoops and Stanford’s David Shaw.

Shaw is seen as a near-certain future NFL head man. Just 46, he’s young, has pro ties having worked with the Eagles, Raiders and Ravens, and he’s perfect to make that jump up from Stanford to the next level, just like his college mentor, Jim Harbaugh did.

But Stoops was always one of those names who made sense for the Cleveland Browns for years when he was rocking and rolling as the Oklahoma head man, and now, he’s available.

He walked aways from a Heisman-caliber Baker Mayfield in his senior year, and a national championship-good Oklahoma team before last year, and he really does appear to be loving the life of the ex-head football coach.

Just 58, he has a long coaching life ahead of him if he wants to get back in the game, and the Cleveland Browns job might just be too good to pass up.

He’s an Ohio native – born in Youngstown – and while he doesn’t have any pro coaching experience, his style and his demeanor would seamlessly transition just fine to the next level.

Either he’s going to be just fine doing what he does now, or he’ll get back into the college side if and when Bill Snyder leaves Kansas State, Kirk Ferentz retires from Iowa, or if the Notre Dame job becomes open, or he’ll reunite with Mayfield while firing up the Brown fan base.

Chance he’s the next Cleveland Browns head coach: 1%

Life as a civilian suits him. However, someone needs to throw money his way to get him in a booth as an analyst.

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