Arkansas 23, Tulsa 0: It Wasn't Perfect, But ...

Arkansas 23, Tulsa 0: It Wasn't Perfect, But ...


Arkansas 23, Tulsa 0: It Wasn't Perfect, But ...


What happened and what mattered in the Arkansas 23-0 win over Tulsa?

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Arkansas 23, Tulsa 0

It was a 23-point win over a regional rival. Start with that, and be happy it was a victory. The Hogs might not have been perfect, and they might have struggled a wee bit, but it was a step forward type of win when the investment world thought it might be really, really close.

This was the day for the Arkansas defense that swarmed all over the Tulsa backfield. McTelvin Agim led the way for a pass rush that came up with six sacks and never let Tulsa QB Seth Boomer breathe – he only completed 8-of-25 passes. The Golden Hurricane were able to move the ball a bit, but the Arkansas D never let it become a game.

Connor Noland got the job done with Ty Storey out. Cole Kelley only completed 1-of-3 passes, but Noland hit 10-of-16 passes for 124 yards and a score with a pick. The running game had a hard time getting going, but it added close to 200 yards – it was a grind. Effective, but a grind.

Now that the Hogs got a real win over an FBS team, can it come up with another against Vanderbilt next week? It’ll have to be another big defensive performance to make it happen. It’s about getting better each and every week, and Arkansas has been doing that. The offense will eventually come through under Chad Morris, but it might not be until next year. This was a test to see if Arkansas could beat a team it was supposed to, and it passed.


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