Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

College Football Predictions

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Liked Ole Miss and Kent State to flirt with 77 points, all good with it now at 75.5. Yeah, that’s a MASSIVE number, Nick Saban isn’t coaching his alma mater. The Rebels rebound from last week’s Bama debacle and throw at least 50 on the board.
Kent State vs. Ole Miss Game Preview & Prediction

Don’t be scared by the Southern Miss close call against ULM two weeks ago. Rice lost by 14 to Hawaii two weeks ago, and Southern Miss actually has a little bit of a run D. The Golden Eagle passing game has been fine with Jack Abraham, and now it gets back suspended Kwadra Griggs in the mix.
Rice vs. Southern Miss Game Preview & Prediction

Arkansas has been really, really, really bad. But 29.5 points to Auburn bad? The Tigers can go through the motions, get 40 points with ease, and still not win by more than 30. The Hogs will score late in the fourth to screw up this all up for the Auburn believers.
Arkansas vs. Auburn Game Preview & Prediction

The three Texas Tech games so far saw a combined 74 points, 77, and 112. Oklahoma State is actually playing a little bit of defense, and it held Boise State to 21, but the Red Raiders are going to go off enough to help hit the 76.5 as well as keep this to within two touchdowns. The opening line of 11.5 was about right, and now it’s up to 14.
Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State Game Preview & Prediction

Navy. -7. Against SMU. I’m not exaggerating – Navy will have the ball for over 40 minutes, closer to 45. And when you speak of me, speak well.
Navy vs. SMU Game Preview & Prediction

Don’t be scared by the Coastal Carolina blowout win over UAB a few weeks ago. You’re asking Louisiana to win at home by more than four – you’re good with that.

I’m not going to talk you out of UNLV getting 7.5 at Arkansas State. I’m doing this a lot this week, but ASU will win, but … the Rebels have the running game to keep this close until the end, if not pull this off outright. We still don’t quite know what this Red Wolves team can do.
UNLV vs. Arkansas State Game Preview & Prediction

There’s a very, very good chance that USC is really, really mediocre. If Texas can pull this off against TCU, then yeah, be a believer. But at the moment, you’re only getting the Horned Frogs -3. It’s worth the risk that TCU is just that good, and the Longhorn win over the Trojans was a mirage.
TCU vs. Texas Game Preview & Prediction

Army has a weird way of screwing teams up with that offense, but that defense is about to get lit up like a Christmas tree by the Oklahoma O. The Sooners at home are devastating, and the one Army road game was a 20-point loss at Duke.
Army vs. Oklahoma Game Preview & Prediction

It feels like we’re all way overdue for a LSU clunker. The offense hasn’t been all that great, but going against Miami and Auburn will do that. Against Louisiana Tech, the Tigers might just be a wee bit sleepy, and it won’t matter. They’ll win, but the 21 should be in play for the Bulldogs – LSU probably won’t score enough, even thou it’ll win easily.
Louisiana Tech vs. LSU Game Preview & Prediction

Here’s the deal, Kansas. I still don’t believe in you. I don’t believe you can win if you don’t come up with six takeaways. I don’t believe you’re going to come up with a third straight win, much less a blowout. But I’ll buy in at 7.5 against a mediocre Baylor squad, and if you go back to being Kansas, fine.
Kansas vs. Baylor Game Preview & Prediction

Let’s put it this way … South Carolina had better be two points better than Vanderbilt, or it’ll be one of the season’s bigger disappointments so far. Will Muschamp can’t lose this.
South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt Game Preview & Prediction

I don’t know why I’m so afraid of the big numbers this week, but South Alabama is just enough of a wild card to make the 31 it’s getting at Memphis seem inviting … almost. Brady White will throw for five touchdowns in a Tiger win, but USA will get its share of points to get within the number.
South Alabama vs. Memphis Game Preview & Prediction

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