Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

College Football Predictions

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


37 points are way too many to give away to anyone. But if you think for a moment that Ohio State isn’t going to come out and do something massive against Tulane in Urban Meyer’s return to power, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Buckeyes.
Tulane vs. Ohio State Game Preview & Prediction

The Clemson-Georgia Tech line has gone down a point after going up early on. There’s one glaring problem – Georgia Tech isn’t good. It’ll run for yards – because it’s Georgia Tech – but it won’t score enough. The 15.5 isn’t asking for the moon, even though this is in Atlanta.
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Game Preview & Prediction

Ohio has yet to come up with anything all that impressive, and the Cincinnati defense has been a killer. The 52.5 is too high with this Bearcat D – and lack of O – and the eight is reasonable for the Fighting Fickells.
Ohio vs. Cincinnati Game Preview & Prediction

Ohhhhhh, no you don’t. I made this mistake last week with Kansas, assuming the win over Central Michigan was a total fluke – because it’s Kansas. The East Carolina blowout over North Carolina was probably a bit off, but I’m not messing with a 21-point spread. Just in case that Pirate thing was for real – go with it, and hope it can stay within three touchdowns.
East Carolina vs. USF Game Preview & Prediction

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (take breath) hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, picking a team getting seven to cover and lose, but until Notre Dame can do something with this offense, yeah, Wake Forest should keep this closer than a touchdown. The Irish are eventually going to get burned if they play like they did over the last two weeks.
Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest Game Preview & Prediction

The 67.5 total for Toledo and Nevada is ha ha funny. These two offenses will combine for at least 70, and the Rockets will blow up at home by more than the 10.5. Nevada will be tempting, but don’t worry – the Rocket O will roll.
Nevada vs. Toledo Game Preview & Prediction

Louisville seems like it should be far, far better than it actually is. Virginia seems like it should be far, far worse than it actually is. The Cavs giving up 4.5 at home isn’t that bad a deal no matter which way you want to lean.
Louisville vs. Virginia Game Preview & Prediction

Georgia State and Western Michigan are equally miserable at this whole defense thing. The 63 point total won’t be a problem to hit, but this is a weird one. The Broncos are absolutely better than the Panthers by more than a touchdown, but it’s in Atlanta. Go with the WMU offense.

I can’t do it. I can’t take a MAC team on the road against a Big Ten school. Buffalo has the better skill guys than Rutgers, but after being embarrassed by Ohio State and Kansas, the reboot is here. I LOVE this UB team, but again, you’re giving away points to a desperate Big Ten team.
Buffalo vs. Rutgers Game Preview & Prediction

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Arizona giving up 6.5 on the road? Oregon State is bad and all, but …. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The Wildcats still haven’t shown they can do anything against an FBS team. The Beavers are bad, but 1) go WAY under the 75.5 and 2) they might play just good enough to keep this close in Corvallis.
Arizona vs. Oregon State Game Preview & Prediction

Shhhhhhhhhh, no one wants you to know this, but Stanford and Oregon are both a giant bag of whatever. Bowling Green, Portland State, San Jose State vs. San Diego State, USC and UC Davis. Stanford has played the latter schedule, and its defense is about to go against an Oregon O that’s plays NOBODY.
Stanford vs. Oregon Game Preview & Prediction

Tennessee might just win this outright over Florida. But it won’t, the Gator defense will hold firm when it has to, and Feleipe Franks will do something again to break Vol hearts. This never, ever, ever, ever works, but Gators win, and they don’t cover the 4.5. It was my first answer without knowing the spread, and I’ll be ticked if I change it – or if Tennessee pulls this off.
Florida vs. Tennessee Game Preview & Prediction

Kentucky has made me look like more of an idiot than I already am, and the 9.5 is a lot to give up on the road, but until Mississippi State shows even the slightest blip, I’m a believer. Joe Moorhead might just have the third-best team in the SEC.
Mississippi State vs. Kentucky Game Preview & Prediction

The Nebraska-Michigan line went from around 19ish to 17.5 after it started to seem like Adrian Martinez was going to play. Whatever. Son, welcome to the Michigan defense. I’m starting to believe that this is very, very quietly growing into the Wolverine team it was supposed to be from the start.
Nebraska vs. Michigan Game Preview & Prediction

Kansas State is overdue to go all Kansas State. It’s not going to beat Will Grier and the rested Mountaineer team, but it’s just good enough to provide a bit of a battle. That +16 is a little bit large for a Wildcat team that has the pieces, but hasn’t put them together yet.
Kansas State vs. West Virginia Game Preview & Prediction

NEXT: Auburn’s SEC rebound, the big shootout, TCU vs. Texas showdown …

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