Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

College Football Predictions

Week 4 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, there aren’t that many amazing matchups this week.

That’s what everyone seems to say every week – and then BYU beats Wisconsin.

But we’re getting into conference play now, we’re all but done with the FCS nonsense, and now, it’s starting to get serious.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

No, UCF and Florida Atlantic aren’t the best teams in Florida. It’s a fun little thing to say, but they’re just not. UCF is a better team than Florida Atlantic, though. The Owls are going to be fine as the season goes on, but this week against a rested team that didn’t play North Carolina, the Knights will roll by two touchdowns.
UCF vs. Florida Atlantic Game Preview & Prediction

Weird things occasionally happen in Friday night games. Illinois winning at home against Penn State would be really, really weird. This will go one of two ways – either the Nittany Lions drop a 50-point hammer that makes the world question the need for the existence of Illinois football, or the Illini play just inspired enough to keep this from being a total wipeout. Penn State will win easily, but winning back four touchdowns is a lot to ask out of any conference team on the road.
Penn State vs. Illinois Game Preview & Prediction

USC is boring, and it’s bad. Fortunately for the Trojans, that team on the other side of town is worse. Washington State isn’t boring, and it isn’t bad. It also hasn’t plays anyone with a pulse. This goes against everything you’re supposed to do, but … it’s too hard to envision the Trojans starting 1-3. They’re way, way, way overdue to start playing better offensively. It starts this week.
Washington State vs. USC Game Preview & Prediction

Okay, Akron. You’ve earned it. Iowa State is 18.5 points better than you, but nah … your defense will keep this from being a total wipeout. If you can do that at Northwestern, there’s a chance you really might be able to win this outright.
Akron vs. Iowa State Game Preview & Prediction

The NC State – Marshall line went down from State -7 to -5. Liked it at seven, adore it at five. The Power Five snob factor kicks in here. That, and Ryan Finley quarterbacking the Wolfpack attack.
NC State vs. Marshall Game Preview & Prediction

Does UMass have a quarterback? Charlotte has been stunningly okay so far, but it’s getting 7.5 points against a Minuteman team that might be without its top two quarterback options. This will be lower-scoring than the 58, and if you feel so inclined on this one, 1) don’t, and stay away – UMass wins big if Andrew Ford is healthy and good again – and 2) 49ers and the points.
Charlotte vs. UMass Game Preview & Prediction

Enough of your hoo-ha, Michigan State. Ohio State is amazing, Penn State is great, Michigan is improving, and the Wisconsin/Iowa winner will win the West. If you want to be part of the discussion, take down Indiana on the road by more than five and stop screwing around.
Michigan State vs. Indiana Game Preview & Prediction

Walk away. Run away. In fact, don’t even read the next few sentences, staying as far, far away from Minnesota vs. Maryland as you can. The Terps flaked out against Temple last week, Minnesota doesn’t have RB Rodney Smith anymore, the Gopher defense has been amazing, freshman QB Zack Annexstad is hurting – but playing – Maryland program has to deal with the investigation fun … TOO MANY X FACTORS. The line has gone down to Terps -1.5 – that’s the safe play at home, but again … move on.
Minnesota vs. Maryland Game Preview & Prediction

Until WKU shows the slightest sign of life – or the offense we’ve come to know and love – don’t over think this. Ball State isn’t bad, and it’s only giving up 2.5 at home.
WKU vs. Ball State Game Preview & Prediction

Eventually, Purdue isn’t going to do something stupid at the end of a game. Boston College is playing too well, and it’s the better team. It also hasn’t really played anyone, and that includes Wake Forest. Purdue is going to start out 0-4 with four home losses? Ehhhhhhhhh, it might win this thing outright, much less cover the seven.
Boston College vs. Purdue Game Preview & Prediction

Syracuse should be four touchdowns better than UConn, but that’s a lot to worry about. The 76 point total is way, way too high, and even though it’ll take some work, assume the Huskies are going to continue to be awful at college football. Oh you’ll get there with the Orange, but you’re going to have to watch until the end – and you don’t want to watch this until the end.
UConn vs. Syracuse Game Preview & Prediction

FIU has just enough of an offense to be pesky against Miami. The Butch Davis vs. Hurricanes factor won’t matter much, but the Golden Panthers should put up a few late points to stay within four touchdowns. Miami will care, and then it won’t. You’ll need a good fourth from FIU to do this.
FIU vs. Miami Game Preview & Prediction

Not to get into this, but will North Carolina come up with an “inspired” effort against Pitt? It’s getting three at home, but it still doesn’t have a passing game. The Panthers just aren’t that good, but they’ll pull this off in a wee bit of a shootout.
Pitt vs. North Carolina Game Preview & Prediction

Really? You feel good about Florida State scoring ten points, much less giving away double digits to Northern Illinois? We’re not talking about the 2012 Orange Bowl here. NIU can rush the passer, FSU can’t block. That’s a problem for the Seminoles.
Northern Illinois vs. Florida State Game Preview & Prediction

Don’t get freaked out by the Miami University power outage. Playing Cincinnati and Minnesota had something to do with that. The offense will perk up fast against Bowling Green.

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