Week 2 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 2 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

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Week 2 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Yeah, Georgia Southern is at home, and it’s better now, but that UMass passing game is too strong. Don’t go heavy if you go at all, but the Minutemen have a high-powered attack with a whole lot of veteran. They can come back if needed. Georgia Southern can’t.
UMass vs. Georgia Southern Game Preview & Prediction

Clemson is going to pull up the bus, walk into College Station, jump on the heads of the Texas A&M quarterbacks for three hours, shake hands with Jimbo Fisher, get back on the bus, have a snack, and leave. After, someone will suggest that the Tigers deserve the No. 1A designation in the rankings.
Clemson vs. Texas A&M Game Preview & Prediction

Wyoming just got lit up like a Christmas tree by the Washington State passing game, so what will Drew Lock and Missouri passing game do in Columbia? The Cowboys can’t score, which is part of the reason why the line shot up from 16.5 to 19.5 – and that’s just enough of a move to like the Mountain Westers. The UW defense will be much, much stronger than it was last week.
Wyoming vs. Missouri Game Preview & Prediction

Virginia at Indiana is more of a toss-up than you might think. Indiana was okay in the opener at FIU, but there’s a chance the Cavaliers really do have something here with a solid defense to go along with Arizona State transfer QB Bryce Perkins. Virginia could win this outright.
Virginia vs. Indiana Game Preview & Prediction

Start with the given: It’s Kentucky vs. Florida. There’s a decent chance you weren’t alive the last time the Wildcats beat the Gators, and then add in that this year’s Florida team is a whole lot better than the previous versions. You don’t need the half point you were just given, but you’ll take it.
Kentucky vs. Florida Game Preview & Prediction

What part of Northern Illinois sucking against Iowa last week did you not get? Utah just might have it now with the downfield passing game in its second year and Zack Moss to balance it all out on the ground. The Ute D will clean this all up for you.
Utah vs. Northern Illinois Game Preview & Prediction

Not overreacting to Fresno State hanging 79 on Idaho or anything, but if Jeff Tedford’s team really does have an offense now to go along with the veteran defense, uh oh. Minnesota destroyed New Mexico State – don’t fall for it quite yet. That you’re getting any points with Fresno State here is a blessing.
Fresno State vs. Minnesota Game Preview & Prediction

Okay, the joking around is over now. Like most of America, you probably don’t know there’s a CBS Sports Network, but that’s okay. If you haven’t seen Colorado State over its first two games, you’re fine. Just know this – Arkansas should probably be a 24-point favorite, and it’s only giving up 14. It’s up from a ridiculously-low 11.5, but unless Colorado State has just signed three Khalil Macks … uh oh.
Arkansas vs. Colorado State Game Preview & Prediction

Didn’t Miami University just lose at home to Marshall? Didn’t Cincinnati just beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl? And … and … MU is a one-point favorite? Yeah, it’s a rivalry game that has sometimes defied all logic and reason, and Gus Ragland is a dangerous passer for the RedHawks, but assume this is a trap, and go with the obvious answer anyway.
Cincinnati vs. Miami University Game Preview & Prediction

Okay … I know what I said before about Arkansas vs. Colorado State. Yeah, that’s good. This is better. This is the reason why you’ve come this far. This is the reason why you’ve put up with all the pretentiousness, all of the words – what are you going to do with them, read? – and everything else that goes along with this piece. Deep breath.

Texas. -23. Tulsa.

This should be about 33, and even then it would be light.
Tulsa vs. Texas Game Preview & Prediction

Don’t get too into Oklahoma State vs. South Alabama – we don’t quite know what USA is yet under Steve Campbell in his second game. Louisiana Tech has a good-looking passing game, and the Jaguars were able to keep it close in a 30-26 loss. The Cowboys will win without a problem, but there are too many variables. They could easily crank up 50+ points if it all clicks, but the D might … okay, enough. South Alabama will do just enough to not get annihilated.
South Alabama vs. Oklahoma State Game Preview & Prediction

You’re not crazy to think Pitt could pull this off and win outright. Appalachian State is good, but the overtime close call was more about Penn State not quite having its spit together yet. The Panthers came out roaring in the tune-up over Albany – they have something in QB Kenny Pickett – and they picked up where they left off with last year’s closing win over Miami.
Penn State vs. Pitt Game Preview & Prediction

NEXT UP: USC-Stanford showdown, Michigan State’s date at Arizona State, if BYU is for real, and the layup of all layups on Saturday

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