Daily Five: The Surprise 4-0 Teams. Are They For Real?

Daily Five: The Surprise 4-0 Teams. Are They For Real?

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Daily Five: The Surprise 4-0 Teams. Are They For Real?


1. LSU Tigers

Oh, poor LSU.

It doesn’t have a quarterback, there’s no star power at the skill spots, and its head coach probably won’t be there next year …

There was a whole lot of negative chatter about the Tigers this offseason.

Yeah, Ed Orgeron was on every Coaches Hot Seat list, but that’s mostly because the SEC had already replaced most of the coaches on shaky standing. LSU was coming off a solid 9-4 season, but it was all doom and gloom.

Everyone seemed to blow off that the LSU defense is loaded with NFL talent, and the offensive line is good enough to hold its own against any and all defensive fronts.

And all of the “nobody believes in us” stuff seems to have lit a fire.

That was a team with an attitude in the 33-17 win over Miami in the opener.

The offense has only given it up once in the first four games, the takeaways are there, and the team is taking advantage of every opportunity.

It’s being well-coached.

The offense might not be scintillating, and Joe Burrow is only completing 49% of his passes, but LSU went into Auburn and came out with a win. Throw in that Miami victory, and LSU has the two best wins by anyone so far this season.

Now it has to hold up against the Ole Miss firepower, and it has to battle at Florida before dealing with Georgia, Mississippi State and Alabama – this could all go very wrong, very quickly.

It’s a brutal slate, and the Tigers aren’t going to get through it without at least a few losses, but they’re good. Even if they finish 8-4 with losses – for example – at Texas A&M, against Alabama and Georgia, and maybe even at Florida, and they’ll still be good.

But go ahead and keep on doubting them. They seem to like that.

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