SEC Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered

SEC Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered


SEC Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered


2. Alabama 51, Louisville 14

The quarterback controversy turned out to be a big, fat nothing.

Tua Tagovailoa showed just how amazing he is, and just how far he can take an Alabama offense that didn’t exactly need the extra boost.

The Crimson Tide can get to the College Football Playoff with Jalen Hurts, but as Tagovailoa showed, he’s the one who can make it an easy ride, and then punch it in from there.

But it’s not like he was the only part of the offensive puzzle.

All of the young offensive talent was on display, starting with a receiving corps that’s potentially deeper – at least, there are more real options with a passer like Tagovailoa under center – than any of the past few seasons. The offense spread the ball around, all of the great running backs were fed in a nearly equal distribution, and …

Tua was every bit as good as Bama fans might have hoped for.

He completed 12-of-16 passes for 227 yards and two scores – one a spinning, magical heave – and he ran for a score. The offense slowed to a stop at times under Hurts, but the Crimson Tide put up 51 points on a very good Louisville team.

That doesn’t mean Saban won’t nitpick.

The defense did have a few communication issues, and Jawon Pass did throw for 252 yards and two scores, but whatever … Louisville ran for just 16 yards and was never, ever remotely in the game.

So now the quarterback controversy is over, Alabama looks like the far-and-away No. 1 team in college football, and The Process keeps on rolling.

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