Pac-12 Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered

Pac-12 Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered


Pac-12 Daily Five: Week 1 What Happened & What Mattered


3. Auburn 21, Washington 16

This has to be about as frustrating as it gets for the Huskies, because they had this. They were right there. They had chance after chance after chance to pull this off.

A veteran team as good as Washington had to take down this game.

Give Auburn credit for playing great on defense – the line was fantastic – but the Huskies blew it.

From a pick-play penalty, to a missed field goal, to the two turnovers, it wasn’t a sharp effort in any way. But the defense kept the team in the game time and again by forcing Auburn field goal attempts on promising drives, and the offense did just enough to look promising …

The loss hardly means the College Football Playoff dream is over – they’ll probably get in if they win out – but now, after this, they still have to prove they can beat a good team under Chris Petersen.

Worse yet, the Pac-12, as a whole, just lost its chance for its best team to get a little national love in a year when the conference needed to show something positive right out of the gate.

It was a fight. Neither offense was ever going to find a groove, and it was going to come down to who made the big plays needed in key moments.

And it just didn’t happen.

Washington is still fantastic, and it’s still going to have a great season, but it just lost to a team that’s probably the third or fourth best in the SEC.

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