Hot Seat Coaching Rankings After Week 5

Hot Seat Coaching Rankings After Week 5

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Hot Seat Coaching Rankings After Week 5


Coaches On The Hot Seat: No, No, No, They Won’t Get Fired, But … WIN NOW

5. Will Muschamp, South Carolina

It’s no fun being a 2-2 SEC head coach of a program expected to challenge for big things. Or, at least, but more in the fight.

This was supposed to be the year when South Carolina was going to make some noise. It was supposed to be doing what Kentucky is doing, and instead, it just got flattened by UK 24-10. Throw in the brutal 41-10 home loss to Georgia, and .500 isn’t what how this was all expected to go.

Now at 17-13 in his short stint, and with the SEC East season all but done, he needs to go on a run. The next three games are at home against Missouri, Texas A&M, and Tennessee. He’s not going to get fired, but if he doesn’t win all three, there will be some grumbling.

4. Kyle Whittingham, Utah

Obviously he’s not going anywhere, but after a 2-2 start with losses to Washington and Washington State, Whittingham’s Utes might have a big, big hole to climb out of with a trip to Stanford up next.

And that’s what could be so disappointing. This is a gettable Pac-12 South in a bad year for the division, Utah is the only program in the division to not get to the Pac-12 Championship, and that’s almost certain to continue.

This is hardly a bad Ute team, but the offense hasn’t found its pop. It’s going to be a crowded field of Pac-12 teams for bowl spots, and with a 2-3 start if there’s a loss to the Cardinal, it’s going to be hard just to get a swag bag game.

3. Scott Frost, Nebraska

It’s FINE. At least it will be.

Nebraska was never going to go from dud to Big Ten champion in one year under Scott Frost, and it was going to take some time to get the pieces in place. But everyone – including Frost – needs to relax just a wee bit.

This one is going to be a rebuild.

However, there’s a trip to Wisconsin next – the Badgers have had two weeks off to rest up and prepare – and then the Huskers have to go to Northwestern. They still have road games at Ohio State and Iowa to deal with, but whatever … this season is about setting the stage for 2019 and beyond.

The offense will work – it already sort of is – and it’s going to take a recruiting cycle or three to get the defensive guys in place.

This is the right coach with the right program at the right time. But it needs something positive to chill everyone out.

Remember, UCF went from 0-12 to national champion in two years.

2. Troy Calhoun, Air Force

In the 12th year of the of the Troy Calhoun era, the program is on pace for a second straight losing season and a second year in a row without a bowl game. Calhoun’s team only missed a bowl once in his first ten seasons.

He’s been great for the program, and like all coaches of military academies, he’s doing more with less than anyone at just about any other program, but now his Falcons are 1-3 after a loss to Nevada.

They’re not bad, and the running game is working, but they’ve lost three close games so far, and none of them against Power Five programs.

With Navy, at San Diego State, at UNLV, Boise State, and at Army up next, there’s a solid chance Air Force starts the year 1-8 – or 2-7, at best.

The good news if that happens? Air Force went 2-10 in 2013, and it bounced back with a 10-3 2014 season. This team is far, far stronger than the 2013 version. It just needs a break.

1. Chip Kelly, UCLA

You know this is going to eventually work. At some point, down the road, it’ll all kick in, and then look out.

But not yet.

Maybe … maybe … you could’ve foreseen a few problems and an 0-4 start. But a Chip Kelly team averaging 17 points per game? Never.

Only five teams are scoring fewer points than the Bruins.

They’re not just bad; they’re bad and boring, losing three straight games in double-digit blowout fashion. And now comes Washington and a trip to Cal up next.

There’s no Oregon State on the schedule to get excited about, meaning there’s a real, live possibility UCLA will go 0-12.

That’s not going to happen, and things will eventually be amazing a year or three down the road, but this has been a Gigli-like bomb of a debut so far.

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