Cavalcade of Whimsy: Trevor Lawrence Is Starting, And You Need To See It

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Trevor Lawrence Is Starting, And You Need To See It

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Trevor Lawrence Is Starting, And You Need To See It


Five Cavalcade of Whimsy footballey opinions and, like, other stuff

5. “You do your best boys, well do the rest boys/Onward to victory!”

It might be the most underappreciated coaching done so far this year.

After going 4-8 last season, Luke Fickell has Cincinnati at 4-0 with the path right there to make a big push for the Group of Five spot in the New Year’s Six bowl world.

This isn’t quite the new UCF or even this year’s Fresno State, but it might not be that far off.

He’s recruiting Ohio well, his defense has been terrific – even with the too-close 34-30 fight against Ohio – and with the UCLA win under its belt, UC is done with the Power Five programs and gets to deal with the American Athletic world.

There’s a trip to UCF, and going to Temple won’t be easy, but the Bearcats should be able to win ten games with this slate.


As a nation, we’ve got to stop with this notion that rookie quarterbacks might be ruined if they’re thrown out there too soon.

Ooooooh, it messes with the clocks in their heads if they get hit – which they can’t be in Clay Matthews’ nightmare NFL.

Of course Cleveland needed to start Baker Mayfield right out of the gate. Of course Buffalo needs to see what they have in Josh Allen, and Arizona has to give the franchise some life with Josh Rosen. Of course Sam Darnold needs a ton of at-bats at his young age.

These guys now are so vastly different than the quarterback prospects from even ten years ago. They’re so trained, drilled, schooled, and prepared, that if they get fazed and can’t handle the gig early on, it’s because they’re bad.

3. Why the old poll-and-bowl system really, really sucked, Part 3

I’m sorry, I know I’m the only one who cares, so I apologize for not being able to let this go for a third straight week.

The pollsters are doing this to troll me.

To do this again, BYU beat Wisconsin at Wisconsin. Cal is unbeaten and handed BYU its only loss. If you stripped off the names and attached the records and resumes to Teams A (Cal), B (BYU), and C (Wisconsin), for the moment, you have to rank them A, then B, then C.

AP: Wisconsin 16, BYU 20, Cal 24
Coaches: Wisconsin 13, BYU 26, Cal 34

C’mon, pollsters. You all have to be aware enough to have seen Texas Tech beat Oklahoma State. Badly.

Ole Miss blow out Texas Tech, and Ole Miss suffered its only loss to Alabama. So it has to be Ole Miss, then Texas Tech, then Oklahoma State, but the APers gave Ole Miss just 7 votes, Oklahoma State 44 votes, and put Texas Tech 25th in the rankings.

And the Coaches Poll – which doesn’t rank naughty teams – has Oklahoma State 21st and Texas Tech mired in the abyss of the Also Receiving Votes category.

And don’t get me started on Virginia Tech.

Sorry. I know. I have issues.

2. The UCF thing

It’s going to be a part of the narrative every week until they lose – if they lose.

If the UCF Knights go undefeated again, shouldn’t they be in the College Football Playoff? That’s the talking point for every single broadcast of UCF football, partly because the crew needs banter in these blowouts.

Group of Five fans go insane at the elitist talk of strength schedules, and who “deserves” to be in, but when the schedule to start the season is UConn, South Carolina State and Florida Atlantic – no.

Pitt is the lone game against a Power Five program – the hurricane kept UCF from beating North Carolina – but the tougher battles should be against Memphis and USF on the road, and Temple, Navy and Cincinnati at home.

And if the Knights roll through all of that and finish 12-0 with another American Athletic title, there will be screaming, and yelling, and calls for a spot in the CFP.

With this schedule, should UCF be in? Of course not.

Whatever … it would be fun to see the Knights get their shot.

Especially against Alabama.

1. Your 2018 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

You ready for a great on-field story from a school called Coastal Carolina – and all that you might think that entails after the disaster in that region?

There’s dealing with adversity in a season, and there’s having to try to keep a football season going despite having to leave the campus and try to find somewhere safe.

And somewhere to practice and play.

The had to find a spot to play Campbell, and then – just four days after beating UAB by 23 – whacked the Fighting Camels 58-21.

And now, despite the nomadic lifestyle, head coach Joe Moglia – the former Ameritrade CEO/turned-head coach who missed all of last season with breathing issues – has his team at 3-1 with the lone loss coming to South Carolina.

After winning at Louisiana, the Chanticleers are three wins away from being bowl eligible in just its second season in the FBS world.

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