Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Wild, Crazy, Historic Start For All The New Coaches

Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Wild, Crazy, Historic Start For All The New Coaches

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Wild, Crazy, Historic Start For All The New Coaches


The early look at all the new coaching hires, a few great moments early in the season, and the big things to take away from Week 2 … in the Cavalcade of Whimsy.

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Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault …

It had Clemson and its greatest defensive line ever in big, big trouble .. and then it fumbled the ball through the end zone.

And if they get smoked by San Diego State, politely memory dump everything you’re about to read

He was a strange and controversial hire.

He hadn’t been around the college game for close to two decades and was out of the game altogether for a bit.

While he was a decent professional head man, he was hardly considered anything special.

Too old, not glamorous enough, and too unconventional, the choice to be a new head coach at a major school was almost universally panned.

Oh sure, he’s an amazing talker and motivational speaker, but whatever.

Out of all the possibilities, and all the candidates, and all the other big names being hired around the country, this was the choice? This was the guy?

Yeah …

And Pete Carroll ended up going 97-19 with two national titles, four Rose Bowls, two Orange Bowls, and seven Pac-10 championships after starting out 6-6.

No, no, no, no, no … Herm Edwards isn’t going to do for Arizona State what Carroll did for the Trojans, but every once in a while, the seemingly crazy call works.

Of course it’s only been two weeks, but with the dumpster fires needing to be put out in Tucson and Westwood two games in, it just might be possible that there’s something interesting brewing here. After all, going the safe and sane route hasn’t worked out all that hot for the Sun Devils in the recent past.

There wasn’t a question about the talent level at the ASU program – there were several fantastic pieces to work with – but the schedule looked too brutal, and the head coach was hired from behind the TV desk.

If, say, ASU had hired Chip Kelly or Kevin Sumlin, the preseason prognostications would’ve been far better. But Edwards? What does this guy remember about coaching football?

As it turns out from the PhD-level job done late on Saturday night against Michigan State, a whole lot.

Again … two games, and of course there might be a disaster and a whole slew of losses coming.

Of course UCLA is eventually going to be more than fine – if not amazing – under Kelly, and of course Arizona is going to turn this back around under Sumlin. But those two will get time to rebuild their respective programs. Arizona State doesn’t have that luxury.

Edwards is 64 – it’s asking a lot for this to be a long-haul hire. But after a brilliantly-coached performance in the win over the Spartans – that’s how you manage a clock and close out a win – maybe the Sun Devils don’t need a whole lot of time to be great.

For a fan base that’s had the bare minimum of fun – with one losing Pac-12 Championship appearance, two minor bowl victories since 2005, and nothing sensational since losing to Ohio State in the classic 1997 Rose Bowl – go ahead dream the big dream that you might have just picked the best horse on this coaching carousel.

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