Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Big Ten's Very Bad Day ... And Why It Doesn't Matter

Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Big Ten's Very Bad Day ... And Why It Doesn't Matter

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: The Big Ten's Very Bad Day ... And Why It Doesn't Matter


Five Cavalcade of Whimsy footballey opinions and, like, other stuff

5. You think that’s bad, go there in January   

It’s a constant source of amusement to me that something called the Carrier Dome doesn’t have air conditioning. That’s like my next door Dunkin’ Donuts not having doughnuts – a frequent occurrence.

But if you’re Florida State, and if most of your players are from Florida, or close to it, and you live, practice and work in Tallahassee, you’re supposed to own a game in a hot and humid building against Syracuse.

It was only 87 degrees when the sideline reporter was pointing out the issues on the sidelines. That’s sweater weather for the Noles.

4. Make is a Puce Out, and then we’re working with something

Enough with making a deal out of all the fans wearing one color.

Ooooooooh, Washington was super-intimidated when it walked into Rice-Eccles to face Utah and saw it was a blackout. The Huskies only won 21-7.

And watch out, Ohio State. You might want to think twice before showing up to play Penn State in a few weeks. The Nittany Lion fans are all going to be wearing …. white.

Okay, so the whiteout at night actually does look cool, except there’s always someone who doesn’t get the memo and ruins the motif.

No, Todd. Saturday is not the time to bust out your new turquoise Lulu, even if it is going to be a little chilly.

3. Why the old poll-and-bowl system really, really sucked, Part 2

Last week I whined that the Coaches Poll put then-2-0 Arizona State behind then 1-1 Michigan State, even though the Sun Devils had just beaten the Spartans.

In a lot of ways, this week was even worse.

BYU just beat Wisconsin in Madison. Whether it was a fluke or not doesn’t matter. Either the game was played and the results matter, or they don’t.

Cal beat BYU a few weeks ago and is currently 3-0.

Therefore, at the moment, Cal has to be ranked ahead of BYU, and BYU has to be ranked ahead of Wisconsin.


Wisconsin is 16th in the Coaches Poll. BYU is in the Also Receiving Votes category and 33rd overall. Where is Cal? It’s tied for 37th … AND IT BEAT BYU IN PROVO.

The Badgers are 18th in the AP, and while BYU is at least in the top 25, again – at No. 25 – the voters totally whiffed. And Cal? 30th.

Oh, by the way, Arizona State fell out of both top 25s, and despite not playing, Michigan State moved up. Even though – at the moment, it has to go Stanford, San Diego State, Arizona State, and then Michigan State.


Please, polls. I know, it’s a CFP world now, but the people still care.

At least try.

Speaking of Arizona State …

2. Arizona State vs. San Diego State finish

You didn’t see it because you were sleeping. Arizona State was down 28-21 late against San Diego State when this happened …

It was ruled a catch, and was correctly reversed – sorry, but the ball did hit the ground – but that only happened because ASU WR Frank Darby got his doors blown off by SDSU’s Trenton Thompson on a huge hit that brought out a targeting call.

The Sun Devils got an extra 15 yards after the flag, but they still had to connect on a late deep shot in the end zone – instead of getting it on the two – and it fell incomplete.

So after all the anger died down, 1) it was the correct call, and 2) it was a brilliant play by Thompson.

If the game is on the line, and there’s a deep pass that might result in a huge touchdown, of course you annihilate the receiver by any means necessary to break up the play – let the chips fall where they may. In this case, the 15-yard penalty and ejection probably prevented overtime.

The answer is simple – make it a spot foul. But until the rule gets changed, in that case, blast away. Be the hero.

1. More Group of Five games

This weekend was why all games against FCS teams need to be stopped.

Boise State got destroyed by Oklahoma State, but San Diego State beat Arizona State.

Toledo was crushed at home by Miami, but Akron pulled off that upset over Nebraska.

Troy really did that against Nebraska, Temple beat Maryland by 24, USF got by Illinois, Nevada rolled past Oregon State, and North Texas hung 44 on the board in a win over Arkansas.

These Group of Five programs just want a shot to play the Power Fivers. They’ll find a way to make it happen, but the P5ers sometimes get scared because they really might lose.

Take that chance, Power Five.

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