Daily Cavalcade: Ohio State, Just Admit You Want Urban Meyer As Your Head Coach

Daily Cavalcade: Ohio State, Just Admit You Want Urban Meyer As Your Head Coach

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Daily Cavalcade: Ohio State, Just Admit You Want Urban Meyer As Your Head Coach


The Ohio State scandal continues to roll on, and it continues to take several twists. But for Buckeye fans, it’s time to simply admit to what they really want and care about. 

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

It was posted on Facebook, so it means it’s not real.

Winning isn’t everything … yeah it is

There are only two certain and absolute truths in the current scandal involving the allegations against Zach Smith, Urban Meyer, and The Ohio State University.

1) If this exact same thing was about Michigan and Jim Harbaugh, Buckeye fans would be going absolutely out-of-their-minds, batspit crazy right now hammering on That School Up North.

2) If this exact same thing was about Maryland and 11-15 DJ Durkin – and not about the 73-8 guy who’s coaching Ohio State – there would be a new Terrapin head football coach in about 14 seconds.

Just say it already, you certain segment of the Ohio State fan base. You want your amazing football coach to continue to be your amazing football coach, and that’s it. Cut out the other crap.

Stop trying to tweet, or post, or complain in code.

Stop trying to pretend you care about any sort of process, or the law, or how Title IX works – again, apply all of this to Michigan, and your sense of justice and fair play goes bye-bye – and just admit the one aspect that really does matter to you.

Urban Meyer is one of the greatest college football coaches of all-time, and you like it when Ohio State wins football games.

At least that would be honest and real, and in a twisted sort of way, it would make total sense.

But to those Ohio State fans who continue to make excuses, and fight, and battle, and scream at what’s going down, the administrative leave, Brett McMurphy, the investigation, the timing, and all the other parts of the scandal that could potentially take away from your team winning more football games, your elevator on the debate is stopping at the wrong floor. You’re looking for the conspiracy and paranoid agenda section, and that’s not in this building.  

And to those who are taking the slightest crumb of something that might appear to be askew and turning it into Sunday dinner, stop. 

The story isn’t less credible because McMurphy posted it on Facebook. 

It just so happens to be his current form of communication. He’s in between contracts and gigs at the moment, and because there are several moving parts to his situation, Facebook was the best way for him to do this before he starts up his new job. 

This wasn’t some Russian hacker or bot trolling for attention, and the reporting, photos, gathered evidence, and texts aren’t any less real because of the platform they’re on.  

It’s not up to McMurphy to reveal his sources, either. That’s not what real journalists do. Ever. Someday, that will once again be accepted as the norm. 

It also doesn’t matter if he got his information from Tom Herman – which, according to McMurphy, he didn’t – or Pee-Wee Herman, he doesn’t have to/can’t/shouldn’t tell any disgruntled Ohio State fan an m-f-ing thing about how he got all of this.

And then there’s the lost aspect in the battle that’s being fought on the wrong front. If McMurphy’s reporting is wrong in any way, shape or form, that’s it. Career over, lawsuits coming, life as he knows it is done. Don’t think for a second that the guy doesn’t know everything he’s sticking out there right now. 

And McMurphy isn’t the only one on the line. If this is wrong, or if it blows up for any reason, Stadium’s reputation – even if it is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast group – takes a massive hit, too, after its interview with Courtney Smith.

If you don’t think everyone here didn’t dot every legal I and cross every T before going with it, then you really don’t know the players involved.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Meyer might actually have, technically, done the right thing and “followed proper reporting protocols and procedures,” but he’s Urban Meyer, and Zach Smith was but a mere receivers coach. If Meyer wanted the guy gone in 2015, the Buckeye stops there.

It doesn’t matter if there are emails, a text chain, or if Omarosa has recordings in the Ohio State SCIF of Urban telling his superiors about the situation. Either you care that he knew about the “Zach Smith incident” or you don’t.

Don’t get distracted by the shiny object.

A football coach being less than truthful in Chicago might make the story worse, and it makes the PR spin harder, but it’s a giant bag of whatever. McMurphy was going to come out with the story no matter what, and Meyer lying at Big Ten Media Days to a bunch of football writers and reporters is irrelevant.

I was standing right there. I heard it. I don’t matter. 

This story isn’t about McMurphy, either, and – angry portion of Buckeye nation – you blaming him or trying to poke holes in his reporting is missing the entire point of what’s going on.

Also – and I can’t stress this enough – outside of the professional trolls, no matter how thick the skin, no one who works in the college sports world has any interest in getting thundered on by a rabid college sports fan base. 

You really think McMurphy likes getting blasted, even though he was fully cognizant of what was coming? 

Ohio State fans, McMurphy wasn’t out to get you, or Meyer, or the Buckeye football program. He’s reporting on the information he has.

So how is this going to play out?

As each day gets closer and closer to football season, the national attention will drift further and further away – the Durkin situation has helped that cause in a huge way.

Most fans just want to watch their sports and don’t have the mental cloud space or energy to stay in a huff over scandals, especially in our daily real world news cycle of nightmares.

I’m not saying that’s okay, but that’s how it is.

My best guess is that someone goes down for all of this in the Ohio State athletic system, but it’s not going to be Urban.

Ohio State fans, you’re probably going to get what you want.


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