Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered

Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered

Week 1

Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered


2. Wyoming 29, New Mexico State 7

America, welcome to the Wyoming defense.

New Mexico State has a good offense with a strong passing game, and it all went absolutely nowhere until it was garbage time.

No, the Cowboys didn’t come up with a gajillion takeaways like it did throughout last year – they didn’t come up with any – but the run defense was behind the line for seven tackles for loss and kept the New Mexico State offense without a running game to -9 yards.

Best of all, the D got off the field. Fast.

The Cowboys held onto the ball for almost 42 minutes, finishing by allowing the Aggies to -9 yards rushing.

The NMSU offense is going to be a whole lot better than this, but the Wyoming D is just that good.

The UW offense didn’t need to do anything fancy with the way the defense played. QB Tyler Vander Waal completed just 13-of-22 passes for 137 yards, but Nico Evans ran for 190 yards and two scores and the team ripped off 312 yards and three scores on the ground.

Now the Wyoming defense gets a shot at Washington State’s offense, and then Missouri’s. It’s going to have to deal with two more great passing games and hope to have the same success.

It just handled one great passing attack. Now comes the upgrade.

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