Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered

Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered

Week 1

Daily Five: Week 0 What Happened & What Mattered


3. Hawaii 43, Colorado State 34

Yes, it was an inspired effort for a team playing while its home is being hit by a hurricane, but the team really was just that good.

The run-and-shoot worked.

The D had to hang on for dear life, but the O took care of things with the drive it absolutely had to have, leading to a field goal to put the game away.

Colorado State QB KJ Carta-Samuels cranked up 537 yards and five touchdowns, and Preston Williams caught 188 yards and two touchdown scores, but it was the Cole McDonald show.

The Hawaii quarterback ran the offense to near-perfection, completing 26-of-37 passes for 418 yards and three touchdowns, and ran for a team-high 96 yards and two touchdowns – with no picks.

Now, Hawaii looks like it has the offense it’s been missing over the last few seasons, and on the other side, under trying circumstances for head coach Mike Bobo – hospitalized over the last week and just back with the team – this is the start the team couldn’t have.

The Rams needed the Mountain West win at home, and Hawaii took it.

With Navy, Rice and Army up next, now the Rainbow Warriors have to be ready to handle three serious ground games.

And the rest of the Mountain West is about to have to deal with a very, very dangerous offense.

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