Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Predictions For The Urban Meyer Controversy

Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Predictions For The Urban Meyer Controversy

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Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Predictions For The Urban Meyer Controversy


Five bold, crazy, stupid, daring, wacky predictions for what might happen in the Urban Meyer situation.

Daily Five: (Potentially) Stupid Predictions For The Urban Meyer Controversy

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Before we start, this is all under the umbrella of allegations of the entire situation involving what did Urban Meyer know about the Zach Smith domestic abuse case, when did he know it, and what did he really know when he was talking to the media at Big Ten Media Days.

Before we start, please forgive the crassness of working a nightmare of a domestic abuse situation into a football article. This isn’t a football or sports story overall, so again, this is written while always being mindful of the important part in all of this.

Here are five (potentially) stupid predictions on how this is all going to play out.

5. There will be a massive buyout and settlement

Ohio State is buying itself time.

The “paid administrative leave” is the school’s way of saying it needs to gather all the facts, gauge public opinion, and figure out the right course of action to take with its head football coach. But …

The school won’t want to fire Urban Meyer, but it might not have any choice.

It’ll go through the process of trying to figure out if a suspension will be enough, what the involvement might be when it comes to the wives – and the Title IX implications involved – and what the liability could be on all sides.

Considering the hot public relations mess the school is in with the Jim Jordan situation, the timing couldn’t be worse. With almost universal condemnation against Meyer after Brett McMurphy’s report, the school might not have any choice.

Eventually, as the groundswell of anger rises up – there has yet to be any major opinion-maker out there who doesn’t think the Meyer era is on its way to being over – the best guess is that right now, Ohio State and Urban Meyer are working on an amicable parting of the ways.

So if that really and truly does happen …

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