Daily Cavalcade: Of Course Urban Meyer Is Still The Ohio State Head Coach

Daily Cavalcade: Of Course Urban Meyer Is Still The Ohio State Head Coach

Ohio State

Daily Cavalcade: Of Course Urban Meyer Is Still The Ohio State Head Coach


Urban Meyer was suspended for three games in the aftermath of the Zach Smith scandal. Did you really think he’d get hit with something more?

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

A college coach could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and he wouldn’t lose his job.

You really, really, thought Urban Meyer was going to get fired by Ohio State?

I did.

Sort of.

Urban Meyer lied to me and a slew of other Big Ten Media Days media people doing media things that dozens of people supposedly pay attention to, sparking a firestorm of controversy after Brett McMurphy unearthed the real story that mattered involving the allegations against Zach Smith and his firing from Ohio State.

Yeah, I thought for a brief, fleeting second that Meyer – for keeping Smith on his staff despite the allegations – would end up being fired for cause, considering the positive advancements made in dealing with the nightmares domestically abused women have to go through.


Instead, Meyer was given a three game suspension, meaning he won’t coach against Oregon State, Rutgers and at TCU.


That trip to Fort Worth will be difficult, but the Buckeye team will rally – the players are fine; they mostly deal with assistants, anyway – and Ohio State will be right back in the College Football Playoff hunt when it hits the field against Tulane.

To be even more cynical, if the Buckeyes lose to TCU, and still go on to win the Big Ten Championship, the CFP committee will have to make Meyer not being on the sidelines a part of the equation.

Ohio State wasn’t going to get rid of its all-timer of a head football coach, but you knew that.

And really, so did most Ohio State fans. How do I know? There wasn’t the avalanche of freakout screaming I normally hear when I write something like this …

And it was nothing compared to, say, suggesting that the 2016 Buckeyes didn’t deserve to be in the College Football Playoff.

The pushback on the controversy turned out to be tame.

There was an Algonquin Round Table of Ohio State football fans who rallied together to voice their views on the matter.

There were some people on the Internet who said stuff that fit their respective narratives.

There were plenty of feckless local media types who came up with the “look … over there, it’s ELVIS!” attempt to avoid talking about the situation.

But that was about it.

“But Jim Tressel was fired for far less,” you cry.

Yeah, but that happened early in the offseason, and the very, very silly controversy – players exchanging their own stuff for tattoos, and the cover-up from the NCAA that ensued – took on a life of its own over several months.

“But Meyer admitted he knew everything!,” you scream.

Yeah, but that was weeks ago. If something didn’t happen in the last 30 seconds, it didn’t happen.

“But … but … but … BOBBY PETRINO! Yeah, Bobby Petrino … he embarrassed the University of Arkansas and was pushed out!,” you try.

Yeah, but that was one of the first big things to happen after Penn State, and the climate was different. Petrino absolutely survives that now.

“Reggie Bush! The USC program was crushed for years and all he did was talk to a marketing company!,” you reason.

Yeah, that one still doesn’t make any sense.

“But Kevin Wilson, Tim Beckman, and Tracy Claeys were fired not all that long ago after their respective issues with their respective programs, with Wilson and Beckman canned just before a season started,” you say, without being as wordy.

Yeah, but Kevin Wilson, Tim Beckman and Tracy Claeys aren’t Urban Meyer.

Blowing off that America’s mental bandwidth can only handle so much traffic, and it’s mostly being clogged up by the insanity going on in our political culture, there wasn’t any downside to Ohio State doing anything more than a three-game suspension – and I’m sort of shocked he’s out for the TCU showdown.

It’s really, really hard to fire a head coach in college sports lately.

A kid died – DIED – in an offseason workout, a president and athletic director claimed the school’s full responsibility for it, and the head football coach and coaching staff are still there.

Remember that cute little FBI thing surrounding the college basketball world last February? Remember ALL of the wiretaps and ALL of the evidence and ALL of the reports of payments and … and … zzzzzzzz. When does March Madness start? (Keeping that last sentence in, only now realizing that it’s like asking who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb.)

DJ Durkin is still the head football coach at Maryland.

Sean Miller is still the head basketball coach at Arizona.

And Tom Izzo is still the head basketball coach at Michigan State, too.

Okay, so Rick Pitino was ousted at Louisville, but that was a wee bit different, only because federal investigations meant the school was going to get an NCAA anvil dropped on its head if it didn’t do something.

And, of course, there was the unforgivable sin of a sex scandal – even if it was all consensual, despite not being technically legal.

There will still be some pushback against Ohio State from both sides, but whatever.

There will be a few Buckeye fans angry that Meyer is being suspended at all.

There will be a few media types screaming about the loss of perspective in college athletics. There might even be a few protests, too.

And then the ball will be kicked off, and all of this will fizzle out in a big, big hurry.

Really? You thought Urban Meyer was going to get fired for … for … wait, what happened again?

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