Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Reasons Why Georgia Will Lose Two Games

Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Reasons Why Georgia Will Lose Two Games


Daily Five: 5 (Potentially) Stupid Reasons Why Georgia Will Lose Two Games


Is Georgia really going to lose two games this year? One appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show later, and then Dawg world politely shared its thoughts.

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5 (Potentially) Stupid Reasons Why Georgia Will Lose Two Games

I was America’s college football guest on Tuesday.

I took 23,816 steps – and counting, with one more show coming up later – making appearances on eight sports radio programs as I walked and talked in a sad and desperate attempt to stave off the annual Football Season 15 I’m about to gain.

One of those was the Paul Finebaum Show.

I love his show and he’s the king of the college football talk world, but no matter how well it goes, the aftermath is … interesting.

Say the teeniest, tiniest thing that’s not over-the-top glowing about (insert SEC team here), and the entire (insert SEC team here) fan base presses the nuclear button on the ol’ Twitter machine.

Paul asked me for one big prediction.

Please, be gentle. Have mercy on the Glamour Shots, foofy-hair photo from a long, long time ago that they use. I was young … I needed the work …

Mushroom cloud.

I prefaced it all by saying that Georgia might just be Clemson now in the way it could lose a ton of talent and not skip a beat, but the nuances of the conversation all went bye-bye after that tweet went out.

It’s nothing that hasn’t been out there for a while – and I got hammered for that, too – but Finebaum hits a different, far more provincial crowd.

But it’s all in good fun, and getting ripped on all part of the game, with the ire from the Georgia fans mostly in the spirit of the excitement of the season.

So to dive head-first into the short end of the pool, here are five (potentially) stupid reasons why Georgia really will lose two games. Starting with …

5. History

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re totally right. This isn’t just unfair, it’s also lazy.

The past means nothing when it comes to how good a team is going to be and what it’s going to do going into a new campaign – talent don’t lie. A bunch of 18-to-22-year-old players couldn’t possibly care a lick about what happened ten minutes ago, much less back in 1984.

Except that in the SEC, sometimes it really is just that hard to repeat the exact same success after a special season. Sometimes, when it’s your turn, it’s your turn.

It’s why old school Dawg fans get so misty-eyed when remembering the run from 1980 to 1983.

Over that four-year span, Georgia didn’t lose more than one game in any of the regular seasons – but had a loss and a tie in 1983 – in an amazing era of dominance. And just like that … it was gone.

From 1984 to 2017, Georgia had just one season with a lone regular season loss. The 2002 team that finished 13-1 would’ve been in a College Football Playoff, if there was one at the time.

Before 1980, Georgia finished a regular season unbeaten or with just one loss – a loss and a tie doesn’t count – in 1976, 1971, 1968 (two ties, no losses), 1966, 1959, 1948, 1946, 1942, 1927 and 1920.

Blah, blah, blah … the point?

It you notice, in the history of Georgia football, it failed to go two regular seasons in a row unbeaten or with just one loss other than that 1980 to 1982 run.

Okay, so that’s a little thin. Let’s move on.

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