2018 College Fantasy Football Draft, Rankings: Fiutak Team Breakdown

2018 College Fantasy Football Draft, Rankings: Fiutak Team Breakdown

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2018 College Fantasy Football Draft, Rankings: Fiutak Team Breakdown


Breaking down Pete Fiutak’s college football fantasy team from the RotoWire Fantasy Football Experts draft. 

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How did my team turn out, playing in a 12-team head-to-head league run through Fantrax.com, with each team playing three QBs, three RBs, three WRs, one TE, one PK and a defense/special teams, with two flex RB/WR/TE players and five reserves?

Last year, I had a heater of a team – Baker Mayfield, David Sills, Kerryon Johnson, Alabama D, Jaylen Samuels as a tight end – but I blew it. My team was so dominant, and I had the playoffs wrapped up so easily, I didn’t even have to check on my team over the last month.


I spaced that it was championship week, I didn’t get the right players in, I didn’t play Johnson and a few other key parts – I sat them during tough matchups a few weeks before – and I lost.

It’s redemption time.

How did I put together my team, and why? Check out what came out of the 2018 RotoWire Experts League draft.

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All 240 picks of the draft in order

QB Justice Hansen, Arkansas State (1st round, 6th pick overall)

Uhhhhhh, I missed this pick. I got the time zones wrong on when the draft was about to start, and it autodrafted Hansen for me. It’s fine, but as I learned, there’s absolutely no reason to take a quarterback early – there are about 40 great ones. However, great wide receivers are at a premium – I would’ve taken Buffalo’s Anthony Johnson. He ended up going with the 13th pick overall.

RB Justice Hill, Oklahoma State (2nd round, 19th pick overall)

It was brutal. Anthony Johnson (13), West Virginia WR David Sills (14), and Ole Miss WR AJ Brown (16) all were snatched up before my pick. I went into running back panic with Oklahoma’s Rodney Anderson (12) gone, too. I’m happy with Hill, getting him right after San Diego State’s Juwan Washington was selected.

WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona State (3rd round, 30th pick overall)

Total desperation. I passed on Missouri QB Drew Lock for a receiver. If I didn’t get a good one here, I’d be overpaying for that muffler in the fourth round. Let’s open it up, Herm.

RB Cam Akers, Florida State (4th round, 43rd overall)

I wanted Appalachian State’s Jalin Moore, and just as I hit the button, the draft stopped. There was a mistake a few picks before, the guy got an autodrafted defense, took Moore, and broke my heart. There might be other options in the FSU backfield, but Akers is hardly a bad consolation prize.

TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri (5th round, 54th overall)

No way, no how I was going to be left without a chair when the music stopped. Iowa’s Noah Fant went with the 49th pick, and I wasn’t going to start scrambling for a flier at tight end. A slew of quarterbacks went after this, but I’m scared that UMass WR Andy Isabella is going to go off the board in the dark hole abyss before my next pick.

RB Stephen Carr, USC (6th round, 67th overall)

One pick. One. Isabella went one pick before me – I had to take a walk around the room. I took Carr too early in this thing, but he was a must-have guy and I wasn’t going to risk losing him.

WR KeeSean Johnson, Fresno State (7th round, 78th overall)

Absolutely freaking ecstatic. If Fresno State’s offense improves like I think it will, and Johnson is the All-America talent I think he is … boom.

RB Kam Martin, Auburn (8th round, 91st overall)

Okay now … here we go. He kept sliding … and sliding … and sliding. After the Isabella fiasco I was waiting for the gut punch. I ran that card up to the podium after the guy before me took Tua Tagovailoa.

WR Gatlin Casey, Middle Tennessee (9th round, 102nd overall)

Wide receiver panic sets back in. RotoWire’s Pete Schoenke screwed me over by going tight end early – making me take mine too soon – and then he did it again by taking Hawaii WR John Ursua. ULM’s Marcus Green went a few picks before this – it’s a huge step down to Casey. I’m playing with fire now. There are so many good quarterbacks left, the two I must have will still be on the board later, but …

QB TaQuon Marshall, Georgia Tech (10th round, 115th overall)

Always, always, always, always, always get high-octane option quarterbacks. They’re the fantasy gods. However, my plan of getting Navy’s Malcolm Perry along with Marshall fell through when the Midshipman RB-turned-QB was taken with the 108th pick. I didn’t win the championship by getting Marshall here, but I got a piece of the puzzle.

WR Dredrick Snelson, UCF (11th round, 126th overall)

I want a piece of the UCF passing game. This is a cheap get for a position I desperately need.

QB KJ Carta-Samuels, Colorado State (12th round, 139th overall)

And here’s my risk worth taking, considering the quarterback I really want might just be there later. Maybe, just maybe, that 537-yard, five-touchdown day in the loss to Hawaii is going to be more of the norm. If Colorado State gets into. whole lot of shootouts … boom.

RB Dexter Williams, Notre Dame (13th round, 150th overall)

Considering the list of players to choose from had him almost off the grid, he probably would’ve gone undrafted. I couldn’t take that chance. He’s hurt, and I wouldn’t play him against Michigan, anyway. But I’m going to win at least two games this year because of this pick.

All 240 picks of the draft in order

RB Jeremy Cox, Old Dominion (14th round, 163rd overall)

Starting to realize that I have a lot of running backs who aren’t exactly sure thing fantasy superstars. If Cox goes back to 2016 form, I have a steady producer.

WR Jalen Reagor, TCU (15th round, 174th overall)

Now I’m just taking guys. I need receivers, and I’m throwing things at the wall seeing if they stick.

WR Cedric Boyd, Hawaii (16th round, 187th overall)

He led Hawaii in in catches and yards in the shootout win over Colorado State. I’ll buy into the potential that he might just be the team’s best receiver – or No. 2 next to John Ursua. I like having the super late-night guys to bank points after everyone goes to sleep.

RB Ricky Slade, Penn State (17th round, 198th overall)

And here we go. I deliberately passed on Miles Sanders for Cam Akers back in the fourth round, knowing that I’d get the superstar Nittany Lion recruit late. I’m not expecting a Jonathan Taylor-like freshman campaign, or the next Saquon Barkley, but … it’s the 17th round.

QB Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame (18th round, 211st overall)

This is the quarterback I really, really wanted, even though there were a ton of other good ones still on the board. I took him in the second round last season, and when he and the Irish offense were rolling, he won me games by himself. I won’t play him against Michigan, but against everyone else, absolutely.

K Jameson Vest, Toledo (19th round, 222nd overall)

This is the round I took David Sills in last year. Now I get a kicker. Yippee.

UTSA Defense/Special Teams (20th round, 235th overall)

And immediately dumped for the Florida defense that’s going against Charleston Southern. It’s okay, UTSA. You’ll get a ring, too.

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