2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


100. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 34.334
2017 Ranking: 84
Biggest Positive: 9.756 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 24% Conference Wins
Analysis: Life in the Big Ten so far has been a struggle. Hey, thanks, for sticking the program in the East – no problems there. The 19 wins are low, and Bad Loss Score – 5 – is crushing to a team that can’t lose to the mediocre.
Rutgers 2018 Team Preview

99. Akron Zips

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 34.413
2017 Ranking: 115
Biggest Positive: 53% Conference Winning
Biggest Negative: 1.71 Attendance Score
Analysis: The Zips aren’t bringing the people into the stadium, but the 25 FBS wins over the last five years are enough to get them out of the 100s. The 9.428 APR needs to be better, but there have to be lots and lots of wins to make up for all of the negatives.
Akron 2018 Team Preview

98. Oregon State Beavers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 35.108
2017 Ranking: 73
Biggest Positive: 10 Players Drafted
Biggest Negative: 20% Conference Winning
Analysis: The Beavers have had players drafted, sending ten to the next level helping to overcome an abysmal run in Pac-12 play. The lack of wins – just 15 FBS victories over the last five years – are pathetic, but there are just enough other okay parts to keep the score from sinking further.
Oregon State 2018 Team Preview

97. Purdue Boilermakers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 35.145
2017 Ranking: 111
Biggest Positive: 4.08 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative: 13 FBS Wins
Analysis: When you only win 13 games against FBS teams and win just 17% of your conference games, you’re going to struggle overall. But a good APR and decent enough attendance helps. Those 13 wins, though, were the lowest among anyone in the top 115.
Purdue 2018 Team Preview

96. New Mexico Lobos

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 36.839
2017 Ranking: 78
Biggest Positive: 23 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: One drafted player
Analysis: Even with the nine-win 2016 season, and the bowl run in 2015, the Lobos sank after an abysmal 2017. The wins were okay, but there aren’t enough of them in Mountain West play, the APR Score (9.504) hurts, and the ranking is only going to sink further without a bounceback year.
New Mexico 2018 Team Preview

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95. Rice Owls

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 36.916
2017 Ranking: 78
Biggest Positive: 9.766 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 1.95 Attendance Score
Analysis: With just one win last season, the program sunk like a rock in the ranking. It’s going to get a whole lot uglier next year when the ten wins from 2013 aren’t on the books anymore.
Rice 2018 Team Preview

94. Virginia Cavaliers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 37.328
2017 Ranking: 96
Biggest Positive: 8 Players Drafted
Biggest Negative: 15 FBS Wins
Analysis: Things are starting to change and turn around under Bronco Mendenhall, but it’s going to take several good years to push up too much higher than this. The 4.16 Attendance Score and getting eight players drafted are the relative savior categories.
Virginia 2018 Team Preview

Five-Year Program Analysis Categories
FBS Wins | Attendance | Quality Wins
Elite Wins | Bad Losses | Bad Wins | Elite Losses
Conference Win % | APR | NFL Draft

93. UTSA Roadrunners

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 38.17
2017 Ranking: 94
Biggest Positive: 50% Conference Winning
Biggest Negative: 6 Quality Wins
Analysis: The program has done okay considering it hasn’t been around for that long, doing a nice job in conference play and coming up with just enough wins from having a miserable overall score. However, the pressure is on with the seven-win season from 2013 not counting in this next year.
UTSA 2018 Team Preview

92. Wyoming Cowboys

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 38.276
2017 Ranking: 100
Biggest Positive: 8 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.98 Attendance Score
Analysis: It’s all starting to change around under Craig Bohl with two straight eight-win seasons. The Attendance and APR Scores are a problem, but the overall score is rising with the drafted players and improvement in Mountain West play helping.
Wyoming 2018 Team Preview

91. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 40.725
2017 Ranking: 98
Biggest Positive: 9.71 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 28% Conference Winning
Analysis: It has taken a while to turn the ship around, but Dave Clawson is starting to win, and it shows in the rise of the program score. It might not be a huge boost, but it’s improving. Winning more ACC games would change everything.
Wake Forest 2018 Team Preview

90. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 40.835
2017 Ranking: 70
Biggest Positive: 28 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 5.5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: Losing the nine-win 2012 season and playing it with four FBS wins last season meant a disastrous crash in the rankings. The Ragin’ Cajuns have still won 62% of their games over the last five years, and the 28 FBS wins are the second-most by anyone outside of the top 81.
Louisiana 2018 Team Preview

89. North Texas Mean Green

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 41.363
2017 Ranking: 102
Biggest Positive: 11 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.92 Attendance Score
Analysis: It’s all starting to turn around after a few interesting seasons. However, the low Attendance Score and being under 50% in conference play are problems. On the plus side, 11 Quality Wins are the most by anyone outside of the top 70.
North Texas 2018 Team Preview

88. Syracuse Orange

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 41.507
2017 Ranking: 74
Biggest Positive: 3.55 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative: 28% Conference Winning
Analysis: The only saving grace after a rough run has been a Power Five-level Attendance Score, along with that Elite Win last year over Clemson. The 17 wins over FBS teams are by far the fewest by anyone in the top 93.
Syracuse 2018 Team Preview

87. South Alabama Jaguars

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 41.562
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
2.5 Elite Win Score
Biggest Negative:
1.66 Attendance Score
 There are a whole lot of negatives – winning fewer than half of the conference games and with a bad APR Score of 9.466 – but the 23 FBS wins are a start, and the 2.5 Elite Win score is the savior. Taking down Troy last season and winning at San Diego State in 2015 were the boost. It’s the highest Elite Win Score of anyone outside of the top 68.
South Alabama 2018 Team Preview

86. Southern Miss Golden Eagles

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 41.705
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
21 FBS Wins over last three seasons
Biggest Negative:
48% Conference Wins
 The 0-12 2012 season is off the books, and next year, the 1-11 2013 uggo will be done, too. One decent season, and the Golden Eagles will fly up these rankings. Coming up with more Conference USA wins will be the difference.
Southern Miss 2018 Team Preview

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85. Central Michigan Chippewas

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 41.767
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
28 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative:
1.52 Attendance Score
 The FBS wins are there, but the lousy Attendance Score and the 4.5 Bad Win Score are the problems. Winning 63% of MAC games helps, but the program needs a massive season to move up.
Central Michigan 2018 Team Preview

84. Colorado Buffaloes

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 42.093
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
4.19 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative:
27% Conference Wins
 The Buffaloes had one big Pac-12 season in 2016, but that’s been about it for the fun in conference play. The mere 21 FBS wins, and lack of consistent success since making the move from the Big 12, drag down a program that used to be a major player in these rankings.
Colorado 2018 Team Preview

83. Kentucky Wildcats

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 42.79
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
5.77 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative:
30% Conference Wins
 The 2-10 2012 season is off the books in the rankings, and after next season, the 2-10 2013 season will be gone, too. One good 2018 and the Wildcats will rise up into the 60s. They need more players drafted – just four in the last five years – and have to win more SEC games, though. The two go hand-in-hand.
Kentucky 2018 Team Preview

82. Florida Atlantic Owls

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 42.953
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
Ten FBS Wins in 2017
Biggest Negative:
1.51 Attendance Score
 The one massive 2017 season under Lane Kiffin turned around the program from one of the bottom-feeders in these rankings to something solid. However, three straight 3-9 seasons from 2014 to 2016 will take a while to shake.
Florida Atlantic 2018 Team Preview

81. Cincinnati Bearcats

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 43.352
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
29 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative:
50% Conference Wins
 The ten-win 2012 season isn’t in the rankings anymore, and it’s replaced by the 4-8 run of last year. Even so, the 29 FBS wins are the most by anyone outside of the top 80. One rebound season in 2018 would change everything back around.
Cincinnati 2018 Team Preview

80. East Carolina Pirates

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 43.645
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
4.26 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative:
43% Conference Wins
 This might get really, really ugly in a big hurry. The 10-3 2013 season won’t count in next year’s rankings, and with the trend going downward, the Pirates need a huge 2018 season. Winning more American Athletic games and coming up with a better APR – just a 9.46 score – would be a start.
East Carolina 2018 Team Preview

79. Cal Golden Bears

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 44.933
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
11 Players Drafted
Biggest Negative:
27% Conference Wins
 The Bears haven’t won enough Pac-12 games – that’s it. The underwhelming APR score of 9.585 is surprising, and the 20 FBS wins in the last five years are way too low, but it’s all about winning in conference play to boost this up.
Cal 2018 Team Preview

78. Bowling Green Falcons

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 45.000
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
31 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative:
1.62 Attendance Score
 The Attendance Score is always going to be a problem, and soon, this ranking is going to drop off the map as the Dino Babers era fades further into the past. Not getting any players drafted over the last five years stings, but for now, the 60% MAC winning clip is a savior. Again, that’s about to change.
Bowling Green 2018 Team Preview

77. Vanderbilt Commodores

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 44.404
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
9.86 APR Score
Biggest Negative:
25% Conference Wins
 As expected, the monster APR score is fantastic, but for an SEC school, just a 3.29 Attendance Score is pathetic, and winning 25% conference games are a problem. The 22 FBS wins aren’t going to get it done, either.
Vanderbilt 2018 Team Preview

76. Indiana Hoosiers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 46.348
2017 Ranking:
Biggest Positive:
9.772 APR Score
Biggest Negative:
29% Conference Wins
 The APR Score is strong, and getting nine players drafted helps, but the Hoosiers aren’t winning enough Big Ten games and there aren’t enough great wins. However, Elite Win Score of 2 – WKU in 2015 and at Missouri in 2014 – are saving points in the rankings, for now.
Indiana 2018 Team Preview

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