2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


Which college programs have been the strongest over the last five seasons, and which ones struggled? Welcome to the 2018 CFN Five-Year Analysis of all the programs and where they stand. 

Where do all the college football programs rank after what they’ve accomplished on and off the field over the last five years?

The academics matter, and the attendance is a really big deal for the bottom line, but in the end, it’s all about three things: wins, wins, and wins.

Win college football games, and everything takes care of itself.

Created two decades ago, the CFN Five-Year Program Analysis takes a look at several different factors to see who’s doing the best job.

Miami ruled the rankings in the early 1990s, Florida and Nebraska stepped up for a stretch, USC dominated for a while, and now you can probably guess who the big stars are.

How are the rankings determined? Click here for all of the category descriptions and all of the team-by-team rankings.

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Five-Year Program Analysis Categories
FBS Wins | Attendance | Quality Wins
Elite Wins | Bad Losses | Bad Wins | Elite Losses
Conference Win % | APR | NFL Draft

130. UMass Minutemen

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 9.992
2017 Ranking: 130
Biggest Positive: 11 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: Bad Loss Score of 13
Analysis: All of the Bad Losses added up and killed any hope of getting up from the bottom. The Attendance and APR scores didn’t help provide any sort of a boost, but the 11 FBS wins are more than five other programs.
UMass 2018 Team Preview

129. Charlotte 49ers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 11.057
2017 Ranking: 129
Biggest Positive: 9.5 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 5 FBS Wins
Analysis: The program simply hasn’t won enough so far. To be fair, there are only three FBS seasons on the books, but the horrible conference record and bad Attendance Score don’t boost up the score.
Charlotte 2018 Team Preview

128. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 12.723
2017 Ranking: 127
Biggest Positive: 9.67 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 3 Bad Loss Score in first year
Analysis: The conference record from life in the FCS world helps overcome the three wins from last year. The program has only had one year in the FBS world, but if the attendance can boost up and the wins start to come, this should quickly be a high riser.
Coastal Carolina 2018 Team Preview

127. Kansas Jayhawks

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 14.803
2017 Ranking: 123
Biggest Positive: 3.03 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative: 5 FBS Wins
Analysis: It’s all bad. The Jayhawks simply haven’t been winning, averaging just one FBS win per season over the last five. The attendance is just good enough to keep them from slipping into the bottom, but this is still the worst-ranked Power Five program by a mile.
Kansas 2018 Team Preview

126. Liberty Flames

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 15.28
2017 Ranking: Not Ranked
Biggest Positive: 65% conference winning rate
Biggest Negative: 3 FBS Wins
Analysis: The Flames have yet to play a game in the FBS world, but they’re already out of the cellar because they were great in FCS conference play and don’t have anything in the Bad Loss column – a little welcoming gift into the higher level.
Liberty 2018 Team Preview

125. Kent State Golden Panthers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 16.437
2017 Ranking: 106
Biggest Positive: 9.616 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 23% Conference Wins
Analysis: The wins – especially in the MAC – haven’t been there. The 11-3 2012 season is long gone from the formula, and the program hasn’t been able to recover with lousy attendance, lots of bad losses, and just ten wins over FBS teams in five years.
Kent State 2018 Team Preview

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124. Georgia State Panthers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 18.94
2017 Ranking: 126
Biggest Positive: 5 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 11.5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: The Panthers’ awful 2016 season drags everything else down, but with two bowl appearances in the last three seasons, things are looking up. From here on, it’s about winning the Sun Belt games. Do that, and the ranking quickly rises up.
Georgia State 2018 Team Preview

123. UTEP Miners

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 19.085
2017 Ranking: 117
Biggest Positive: 9.61 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 8 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: Go 0-12 like UTEP did in 2017, and it’s hard to make any sort of a move up in the rankings – duh. The Miners simply aren’t winning enough games, having a particular problem in Conference USA play – winning just 31% of their games. Lose, and the attendance dips, too.
UTEP 2018 Team Preview

122. Eastern Michigan Eagles

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 19.827
2017 Ranking: 124
Biggest Positive: 14 FBS Wins (11 in the last two years)
Biggest Negative: 23% Conference Wins
Analysis: The numbers are awful across the board, mostly because the miserable 2013-2015 seasons are still counting. The attendance is lousy, the APR is bad, and the MAC wins weren’t there. But that’s all changing with a strong last two seasons.
Eastern Michigan 2018 Team Preview

121. New Mexico State Aggies

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 19.861
2017 Ranking: 128
Biggest Positive: 15 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 9.368 APR Score
Analysis: The program finally broke through with a bowl-winning season – just as it got kicked out of the Sun Belt. It was enough to make a nice boost up the rankings a bit, but there aren’t many good parts to count on with low attendance, bad APR, and not enough conference wins before leaving for independence.
New Mexico State 2018 Team Preview

120. Miami RedHawks

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 20.416
2017 Ranking: 120
Biggest Positive: 9.696 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 1.62 Attendance Score
Analysis: The RedHawks are just starting to show more signs of life in MAC play, but winning 35% of the conference games is an issue. The attendance is never going to be great, but the APR is strong. Now the wins have to come.
Miami University 2018 Team Preview

119. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 22.222
2017 Ranking: 126
Biggest Positive: 9.662 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 20% Conference Wins
Analysis: The biggest issue is the lack of Mountain West victories, winning just 20% of the games over the last five seasons. They Rainbow Warriors aren’t winning, and all of the other bad numbers flow from there. The APR Score is fine, but that’s not enough.
Hawaii 2018 Team Preview

118. Texas State Bobcats

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 23.118
2017 Ranking: 114
Biggest Positive: 15 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.85 Attendance Score
Analysis: And this will only get a whole lot worse without a big 2018. The Bobcats went 13-11 in 2013-2014, and have just four wins over FBS teams over the last three seasons. The conference winning percentage – 26% – is miserable, and the attendance isn’t there.
Texas State 2018 Team Preview

117. UConn Huskies

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 23.627
2017 Ranking: 105
Biggest Positive: 9.682 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 28% Conference Wins
Analysis: It’s been a rough ride over the last five seasons with just 13 wins against FBS teams and a miserable Bad Loss Score of 8. The inability to win conference games drags the ranking through the floor.
UConn 2018 Team Preview

116. UAB Blazers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 24.318
2017 Ranking: 122
Biggest Positive: 13 FBS Wins in three seasons
Biggest Negative: 1.18 Attendance Score
Analysis: Having two years off kills the score – the bulk wins aren’t there, and the Attendance Score goes way down with two years of lost revenue. Improve and continue to have seasons like the 2017 campaign, and the program will get up fast.
UAB 2018 Team Preview

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115. FIU Golden Panthers

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 24.5
2017 Ranking: 121
Biggest Positive: 19 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 8.5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: The arrival of Butch Davis boosted up the program in a hurry, and now, FIU has the most wins over FBS teams of anyone in the bottom 18 programs. The APR Score of 9.37 stinks, and the Attendance Score is down, but the wins are growing.
FIU 2018 Team Preview

114. UNLV Rebels

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 24.513
2017 Ranking: 118
Biggest Positive: 4 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.76 Attendance Score
Analysis: Eventually, Tony Sanchez will start winning on a regular basis – maybe. Hopefully. Possibly. The attendance needs to rise up, the 937 APR has to be better, and the Mountain West wins have to start rolling.
UNLV 2018 Team Preview

113. ULM Warhawks

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 26.923
2017 Ranking: 104
Biggest Positive: 9.638 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 1.40 Attendance Score
Analysis: The 8-5 2012 season isn’t on the books anymore, and the 6-6 2013 season will be lost next year. The Warhawks have to come up with a good 2018 to not fall further. The program has just 17 wins over FBS teams over the last five years.
ULM 2018 Team Preview

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112. Nevada Wolf Pack

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 28.849
2017 Ranking: 101
Biggest Positive: 22 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: The seven-win 2012 season doesn’t count anymore, hence the fall. There haven’t been enough wins, but the conference winning rate of 43% isn’t bad for a team ranked this low. Get a few big wins, and the team gets out of the 100s.
Nevada 2018 Team Preview

111. Ball State Cardinals

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 29.418
2017 Ranking: 89
Biggest Positive: 4 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.00 Attendance Score
Analysis: This is going to get really, really bad in a hurry if the Cardinals don’t have a big year, The nine-win 2012 season is gone, and next year the 10-3 2013 season won’t count in the rankings. The Attendance Score is among the nation’s worst – that obviously changes with better seasons.
Ball State 2018 Team Preview

110. Army Black Knights

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 29.515
2017 Ranking: 125
Biggest Positive: 7 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 11.5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: Even with the positives over the last few seasons, the brutal 11.5 Bad Loss Score drags the overall ranking down through the floor. The APR is great, the 3.26 Attendance Score helps, and the wins are coming. There are still too many bad defeats on the books.
Army 2018 Team Preview

109. San Jose State Spartans

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 30.043
2017 Ranking: 75
Biggest Positive: 5 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 38% Conference Wins
Analysis: The Spartans dropped like a rock after the 11-2 2012 season didn’t count anymore in the rankings. The rough 2017 season and the lack of Mountain West wins aren’t helping. They’ll end up in the bottom ten overall next year if they don’t come up with a strong 2018.
San Jose State 2018 Team Preview

108. SMU Mustangs

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 30.911
2017 Ranking: 109
Biggest Positive: 17 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 33% Conference Wins
Analysis: Winning a total of three games in 2014 and 2015 keeps the score way, way down – it’s going to take a few more decent years to build it all back up. There aren’t any good parts of the puzzle across the board, but all it will take is a few bowl seasons to change everything.
SMU 2018 Team Preview

107. Buffalo Bulls

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 31.386
2017 Ranking: 110
Biggest Positive: 22 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 5.5 Bad Loss Score
Analysis: The 2-10 2016 season is a big drag, but the program is about to be in for a good run under head coach Lance Leipold – this year should be a huge help. The Bad Loss Score is a killer, but there some good parts – like the 44% conference winning clip – that’s about to improve.
Buffalo 2018 Team Preview

106. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 30.043
2017 Ranking: 82
Biggest Positive: 22 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.94 Attendance Score
Analysis: Going from ten wins in 2016 to two in 2017 dropped the ranking like a rock. The bad attendance and rough ride in American Athletic play doesn’t help, and not getting anyone drafted hurts. A winning season in 2018 would get the program out of the 100s.
Tulsa 2018 Team Preview

105. Tulane Green Wave

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 31.64
2017 Ranking: 113
Biggest Positive: 9.69 APR
Biggest Negative: 30% Conference Wins
Analysis: The Green Wave have needed a while to find any sort of consistent success, and the hope is for that to come this year under Willie Fritz. The attendance will never be great, but the guys go to class. 17 FBS wins in five years, though, isn’t going to get it done.
Tulane 2018 Team Preview

104. Georgia Southern Eagles

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 33.24
2017 Ranking: 97
Biggest Positive: 23 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.73 Attendance Score
Analysis: The Attendance Score is always going to be a drag, but winning 60% of conference games – included in the mix is the overall record before joining the Sun Belt – is a huge boost. Now the team needs to avoid the bad losses – the 3.5 score stings.
Georgia Southern 2018 Team Preview

Five-Year Program Analysis Categories
FBS Wins | Attendance | Quality Wins
Elite Wins | Bad Losses | Bad Wins | Elite Losses
Conference Win % | APR | NFL Draft

103. Old Dominion Monarchs

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 33.342
2017 Ranking: 107
Biggest Positive: 25 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 2.01 Attendance Score
Analysis: The 25 FBS wins are solid for a team ranked this low – no one in the bottom 30 has more – but the 5 Bad Loss Score, doesn’t help, and not getting anyone drafted over the last five years keeps the Monarchs in the 100s.
Old Dominion 2018 Team Preview

102. Illinois Fighting Illini

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 32.464
2017 Ranking: 95
Biggest Positive: 9.864 APR Score
Biggest Negative: 19% Conference Wins
Analysis: This is just painful for a program that just can’t turn things around. The Attendance Score of 4.24 is seriously low for a Power Five program, and winning just 19% of the Big Ten games is embarrassing.
Illinois 2018 Team Preview

101. Iowa State Cyclones

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 34.328
2017 Ranking: 103
Biggest Positive: 5.49 Attendance Score
Biggest Negative: 24% Conference Wins
Analysis: The seven wins over FBS teams in the breakthrough 2017 season weren’t enough to bail the program out of the bottom 30. The lack of Big 12 wins stinks, and and the Bad Losses – Northern Iowa in 2015 and North Dakota State in 2014 – keeps the Cyclones from being around the 80s.
Iowa State 2018 Team Preview

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