Preview 2018: Ranking The Mountain West Coaches

Preview 2018: Ranking The Mountain West Coaches

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Ranking The Mountain West Coaches


Going into the 2018 season, how to the Mountain West coaches stack up? Here’s the preseason ranking of all the head men. 

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Preview 2018: Ranking The Mountain West Coaches

Who do you want as your head coach for right now, and who are the best guys going at each program?

Of course, it’s easy to go by record, but it’s just as much about trends, where the teams are going, and where the buzz is at for each of the rulers of their respective worlds.

These aren’t Hot Seat Rankings – those are coming later. These are the rankings based loosely on what the head coaches have done, and mostly about what they’re about to do.

Think of it this way. If all things were equal in terms of program, talent, facilities, etc., and you were to hold a head coaching draft …

12. Bob Davie, New Mexico

With just two bowl appearances in six years, a 3-9 2017 season, and a horrible offseason with a whole lot of controversy, these are rough times for Davie. Add in that he’s going to be 64 this season and already on a hot seat, he needs to come up with something special under tough circumstances.

11. Brent Brennan, San Jose State

Still an unknown, he was a bit of a curious hire, with only a little bit of experience as an offensive coordinator and nothing as a head coach – he’s growing into the job. To be fair, San Jose State is a tough gig and the 2-11 debut was rough, but he’s young, came up with an okay recruiting class, and doesn’t have to deal with any real expectations.
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10. Nick Rolovich, Hawaii

Let’s just see how this works now that he’s about to pump out a run-and-shoot attack. He’s really young – just 39 – and he certainly knows the program as a former player and assistant. However, the 3-9 2017 season was alarming after going 7-7 with a bowl win in his first campaign.
Preview 2018: Run And Shoot Is Back

9. Jay Norvell, Nevada

It took a long, long time for the career assistant to finally get a head coaching job, and now he’s trying to ramp up the offense at a place known for creative attacks. The first year couldn’t get off the ground going 3-9, but the recruiting class was okay and he’s getting back a few nice pieces for the Air Raid passing game.
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8. Tony Sanchez, UNLV

At least the Rebels are improving, going from three wins to four to five. With the dynamic playmakers returning on offense, and upside on defense, this should/could/has to be at least a six-win season with a bowl appearance. The legendary Las Vegas high school head man has built of the Rebels, and now the payoff is to come.
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7. Mike Bobo, Colorado State

The former Georgia offensive coordinator has been fine, but last year was supposed to be fantastic, and wasn’t. Three straight 7-6 seasons, three straight bowl losses, no division titles, much less Mountain West championships – again, fine. But he’s recruiting well and there’s decent potential for this year’s team. Now he needs a breakthrough season – and a bowl win.
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6. Matt Wells, Utah State

Can he come up with a big boost and a huge season in Year Six? Only turning 45 going into the season, he’s got a Mountain West Mountain division title on the resumé and four bowl appearances in his five years. However, he hasn’t been able to build on the 19-win run in his first two years.
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