Preview 2018: Ranking The Big 12 Coaches

Preview 2018: Ranking The Big 12 Coaches

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Ranking The Big 12 Coaches


Going into the 2018 season, how to the Big 12 coaches stack up? Here’s the preseason ranking of all the head men. 

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Preview 2018: Ranking The Big 12 Coaches

Who do you want as your head coach for right now, and who are the best guys going at each program?

Of course, it’s easy to go by record, but it’s just as much about trends, where the teams are going, and where the buzz is at for each of the rulers of their respective worlds.

These aren’t Hot Seat Rankings – those are coming later. These are the rankings based loosely on what the head coaches have done, and mostly about what they’re about to do.

10. David Beaty, Kansas

He’s certainly getting an honest shot at making this all work. 3-33 in three years got him a contract extension, and now he has a veteran team coming back to try finally making Kansas competitive.
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9. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech

Everyone around the program wants this to work so, so much. He’s the right personality, the right Texas Tech legend, and he knows how to coach up an offense, but he’s also 30-33 in five years with just two winning seasons.
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8. Matt Rhule, Baylor

To be fair, Baylor needed an overhaul and was hamstrung by several issues, but 1-11? Rhule went 2-10 in his first year at Temple and won 20 games over a two year span a few seasons later. He’s got the guys in place to start winning now in Waco.
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7. Matt Campbell, Iowa State

It’s a mild upset that he’s still in Ames. A hot prospect after winning nine games three times in four years at Toledo – and with two division titles – he made Iowa State a national story in just two seasons. Now he has to do it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke.
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6. Bill Snyder, Kansas State

In terms of greatness, of course he’s No. 1 on this list of Big 12 coaches. Old schmold, he’s 78 going into the season, but it all keeps working with eight straight bowl appearances and a team returning that’s good enough to get to the Big 12 championship game.
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