Path To The Playoff: Michigan Wolverines. Is THIS The Year?

Path To The Playoff: Michigan Wolverines. Is THIS The Year?


Path To The Playoff: Michigan Wolverines. Is THIS The Year?


What’s it going to take to get to the 2018-2019 College Football Playoff? Here are the five things Michigan has to do to get into the fun.

Path To The College Football Playoff: Michigan

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What has to happen for Michigan to get into the College Football Playoff again? After several years of disappointment, can this really big the season it all comes together? Here are five key steps for the Wolverines to work their way into the tournament.

2018 Michigan Wolverines Preview

5. Offense, offense, offense

This is the one puzzling part of the Jim Harbaugh era so far. The O side of the ball that wasn’t supposed to be a problem has been strangely inconsistent, and didn’t do much last year. Fortunately …

The Michigan defense is going to be amazing again.

There might be a few missing pieces, and the D might not be third in the nation overall and No. 1 in the country against the pass, but it’s going to be a fantastic group that should be able to keep most teams to 17 points or fewer.

Last season, the Wolverines went 7-1 when allowing 17 points or fewer, and were 1-4 when they gave up more. It’s not that the defense wasn’t fine in those losses, but the offense didn’t show up.

Michigan was 8-0 when scoring 20 points or more, 0-5 when scoring fewer.

105th in the nation in total offense, the Michigan offensive line couldn’t pass protect, the team couldn’t convert on third downs, and fumbling was a major issue.

That all has to stop. If the offense can merely be okay, this is a ten-win team – at least.

Ole Miss transfer Shea Patterson has to be the answer at quarterback, and all of the young parts have to be ready for primetime right away, because …

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