Preview 2018: Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's On, But Be Patient

Preview 2018: Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's On, But Be Patient

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's On, But Be Patient


Nebraska Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

Nebraska players did a great job of bringing the effort through the Mike Riley era, but that was a dead era walking over the second half of last season.

The talent level isn’t up to snuff, though. Last year’s team should’ve lost to Arkansas State and came a whole lot closer to a two-win season then going to a bowl. But was there a problem over the second half of last year with the wheels coming off, or was the team just that bad?

Don’t expect miracles right away under Scott Frost, but now that the right guy is in place, and there’s an energy, and there’s a direction, and there’s some stability, watch out for a different Nebraska team.

No, there won’t be a Big Ten championship right away, but the offense will be more fun, and the D won’t give up 54 points or more in four of the last six games again.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 6

And here comes 2016 UCF.

2018 Nebraska has a few good pieces in place for Frost to work with, but not enough of them. That’s coming, but for now, just going from a losing team to a bowl game would be a great first step back – and then in 2019 and beyond, the hope will be to turn into a true player.

Two years ago, UCF won six games by beating all the bad teams on the slate, and the games it was supposed to win, and lost to all the good teams. It was competitive against the stronger, bowl bound teams, but it still went 0-6 vs. that group. Four of the losses came to teams that won ten games or more, and another came against a nine-win Houston squad.

This year, the Huskers will be at least two wins better. They’ll be able to handle the home games against Akron, Colorado and Troy – hardly awful teams – but they’ll lose on the road to Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Iowa, and at home to Michigan State.

They’ll get by Illinois, but they’ll have to push to win two games against Purdue, at Northwestern, and Minnesota. They’ll get there, they’ll get bowl eligible, and the Frost era will be off and running.

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