Preview 2018: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Big Test For The O

Preview 2018: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Big Test For The O

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Big Test For The O


Georgia Tech Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

It’s an interesting team full of parts that somehow need to fit to make it all work.

The great runners are there to make the amazing ground game go, but the line has to be more consistent and take control of games. TaQuon Marshall appears to be on the verge of becoming a better passer, but the sure-thing receivers aren’t in place quite yet.

The defensive shift to the 3-4 is a good tweak for the personnel – at least it will be in time – but the linebackers have to learn a whole new ballgame. Meanwhile, the secondary is all but starting over, and the pass rush has to start working in the new scheme.

But there’s talent in place, there are veterans in the right jobs, and as always, the coaching will be outstanding.

If last year’s team couldn’t seem to catch a break early and let the season get away late, this one should be able to get those close calls going their way.

From the great punting from Pressley Harvin to improve the field position, to Marshall’s experience after starting for a year, to the likely more consistent offense and more disruptive defense, the Yellow Jackets will get back to a bowl game despite the brutal schedule.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 5.5

The good news is that Georgia Tech gets Clemson in Atlanta. The bad news is that it has to play Clemson.

Going to Pitt, USF, Louisville, Virginia Tech, and then closing it all up with Georgia would be the end of most teams before the season even started. And then, throw in home dates against Miami along with Clemson, and the season is all about having a little fun and killing some time.

But with the option attack, and the likely improvements on defense, there will be an upset or three – like the win over Virginia Tech last year – and without the clunkers like there were against Virginia and Duke.

Oh it’ll be a struggle to get to bowl eligibility, but it’ll happen.

At home, plan on a split between the Clemson and Miami showdowns at home, assume losses to Virginia Tech and Georgia on the road, and build off the home wins over Alcorn State, Bowling Green, Duke and Virginia.

With this slate, seven regular season wins will be a terrific run.

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