Preview 2018: Georgia Southern Eagles. A Change Did Them Good

Preview 2018: Georgia Southern Eagles. A Change Did Them Good

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Georgia Southern Eagles. A Change Did Them Good


Preview 2018: Previewing and looking ahead to the Georgia Southern Eagles season with what you need to know.

Preview 2018: Georgia Southern Eagles

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Who says you can’t do a midseason coaching change?

Forgetting for a moment the human aspect of a man losing his job – and keeping it in the cold, heartless world of football – when something isn’t working and a school is impatient, okay. If you think you can do better, than you get the better coach.

Tyson Summers started out his Georgia Southern coaching career 5-7, but even though it was a bit of a rebuilding season in 2017, the 0-6 start was still too ugly for the powers-that-be to bear.

Out went Summers after a 55-20 loss to UMass, and up stepped longtime assistant Chad Lunsford into the job.

It’s not like the Eagles tore it up – going 2-4 the rest of the way – but they were more competitive, came up with their two best running days in the wins, and they started to look like something was happening.

And now, Lunsford has a half a season of experience to go along with a team loaded with veterans coming back.

QB Shai Werts goes from being a freshman getting his feet wet, to more of settled and mechanically sound as a sophomore.

The line returns loaded with experience and depth, almost all of the top running backs turn, and even the receivers aren’t that bad for what the offense should potentially be able to do.

The defense that wasn’t all that bad gets back everyone but one defender who made 18 tackles or more. As long as the offense can start to run the ball with the option attack like it did under former head man and current Tulane head coach Willie Fritz, the D will catch more of a break.

And Georgia Southern can return to be the dangerous team with the scary offense that no one wants to deal with.

And all it apparently took was a coaching change. But it has to work. It might have been a decent midseason pivot, but Lunsford’s team wasn’t that bad when the pressure was off.

Now that pressure is on. He showed what he could do in the interim, and now he has to prove that it really was the right move.

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