Preview 2018: Georgia Bulldogs. This Is Just The Beginning

Preview 2018: Georgia Bulldogs. This Is Just The Beginning

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Georgia Bulldogs. This Is Just The Beginning


Georgia Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

There’s more than enough talent in place to do it all again.

Georgia is in a ridiculous position of losing a few all-time great players and have to rebuild in a few key areas, and is probably going to be even better.

The amazing recruiting classes continue to beef up the depth and the talent, with wave after wave of young players who are more than good enough to start and produce right away.

If this team doesn’t roll out of bed and win ten games, it’ll be a disaster. However, youthful teams sometimes aren’t as consistent as they should be, and there’s the potential problem.

On talent, Georgia goes 12-0 and is a lock for the CFP again no matter what happens in the SEC Championship. But the SEC East is better, and the expectations will be through the roof.

But there are just enough problem games to assume one loss, and then it’s down to not brain-cramping in the wrong game.

Georgia will get close, but at 10-2, it’ll come down to a theoretical argument if it can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship. It’ll be a great season and a great team, but it’ll just miss out on getting into the CFP again.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 10.5

The Dawgs can roll out of bed and win ten games. However, the road games at South Carolina and LSU are dangerous, going to Missouri is scarier than you might think, and Florida is going to be a bigger fight this time around.

Don’t sleep on home games against Auburn, Georgia Tech, and yeah, Tennessee. The Dawgs will slip in one of those three games, and will lose one of the key road games.

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