Preview 2018: Clemson Tigers. No Pressure, Just Win It All

Preview 2018: Clemson Tigers. No Pressure, Just Win It All

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Clemson Tigers. No Pressure, Just Win It All


Clemson Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

Just put Clemson in the ACC Championship for a fourth straight season.

If this isn’t the best team in the country, it’s in the top three along with Alabama and Georgia, and it’s ten miles ahead of anyone in the ACC.

That doesn’t mean it can’t get tagged on the right day – 2016 Pitt and 2017 Syracuse know a little bit of something about that – but that’s the deal. It’ll take something goofy for anyone on the slate to beat the Tigers.

The key will be the quarterback situation. Dabo Swinney is never one to play it safe and conservative, but he’s got it. He’s got the heater hand, and now it’s just a question of how he wants to handle it.

Trevor Lawrence is better, but Kelly Bryant is the sad and easy choice to start. As long as Bryant doesn’t struggle, and as long as there’s no in-game drama in close games, there won’t be an issue.

Both quarterbacks will see time for an offense that will be more effective and more explosive. And best of all, the O can afford to take some risks, mainly because the D will be good enough to clean everything up.

There are landmines – no, Clemson can’t just show up and be handed the ACC crown – but as long as the team plays up to its talent level, there won’t be any issues.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 11

There’s no Miami or Virginia Tech from the Coastal. Start from there, and everything else looks relatively easy.

Going to Texas A&M will be dangerous, and dealing with Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and Boston College on the road are all potential concerns – again, remember Syracuse last year – but the Tigers will be double-digit favorites in all of those.

Going to Florida State is the big concern. Out of that, and home games against NC State, Louisville and South Carolina – and don’t laugh, but late in the year, Duke might be a quirky curveball issue – there will be one loss. There won’t be a second.

Clemson will win another ACC title and be – at worst – the No. 2 seed in the College Football Playoff.

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