2018 Preseason Pac-12 Team-By-Team Predictions For Every Game

2018 Preseason Pac-12 Team-By-Team Predictions For Every Game

2018 Preview

2018 Preseason Pac-12 Team-By-Team Predictions For Every Game


Pac-12 South Schedules & Predictions

Pac-12 Team Previews
NORTH: Cal | Oregon | Oregon State
Stanford | Washington | Washington St

SOUTH: Arizona | Arizona State
ColoradoUCLA | USC | Utah

Pac-12 South

1. USC
2. Arizona
3. Utah
T5. Arizona State
T5. Colorado

– Schedules are a tough, tough beat. That’s why these are different than the Pac-12 Preseason Team Rankings. Arizona gets a not-that-bad non-conference slate, and Arizona State faces Michigan State and has to go to San Diego State. And go to Washington, and go to USC, and Oregon … and Arizona. There’s your differences for two new head coaches.

– Utah should be a key power player, getting Washington, USC, Arizona and Oregon at home. Win three of those four, and the Utes might finally get to the Pac-12 Championship.

– Chip Kelly and UCLA will need to fight and claw to six wins and a bowl game. The winner of the Bruins’ date at Colorado will likely get the 13th game, and the loser should end up with a losing campaign.

2018 Arizona Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 9-3
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 6-3
Preview 2018: New Era, Same Fireworks

Sept. 1 BYU W
Sept. 8 at Houston W
Sept. 15 Southern Utah W
Sept. 22 at Oregon State W
Sept. 29 USC W
Oct. 6 California W
Oct. 12 at Utah L
Oct. 20 at UCLA L
Oct. 27 Oregon W
Nov. 2 Colorado W
Nov. 17 at Washington State L
Nov. 24 Arizona State W

2018 Arizona State Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 4-8
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 3-6
Preview 2018: The Grand Experiment

Sept. 1 UTSA W
Sept. 8 Michigan State L
Sept. 15 at San Diego State L
Sept. 22 at Washington L
Sept. 29 Oregon State W
Oct. 6 at Colorado L
Oct. 18 Stanford L
Oct. 27 at USC L
Nov. 3 Utah W
Nov. 10 UCLA W
Nov. 17 at Oregon L
Nov. 24 at Arizona L

2018 Colorado Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 5-7
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 3-6
Preview 2018: Get It Back Fast, Or Else

Aug. 31 at Colorado State (in Denver) W
Sept. 8 at Nebraska L
Sept. 15 New Hampshire W
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 28 UCLA L
Oct. 6 Arizona State W
Oct. 13 at USC L
Oct. 20 at Washington L
Oct. 27 Oregon State W
Nov. 2 at Arizona L
Nov. 10 Washington State W
Nov. 17 Utah L
Nov. 24 at California L

2018 UCLA Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 6-6
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 4-5
Preview 2018: They Got Kelly. Look Out

Sept. 1 Cincinnati W
Sept. 8 at Oklahoma L
Sept. 15 Fresno State W
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 28 at Colorado W
Oct. 6 Washington L
Oct. 13 at California L
Oct. 20 Arizona W
Oct. 26 Utah W
Nov. 3 at Oregon L
Nov. 10 at Arizona State L
Nov. 17 USC L
Nov. 24 Stanford W

2018 USC Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 10-2
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 7-2
Preview 2018: Get To The CFP Already

Sept. 1 UNLV W
Sept. 8 at Stanford W
Sept. 15 at Texas W
Sept. 21 Washington State W
Sept. 29 at Arizona L
Oct. 13 Colorado W
Oct. 20 at Utah L
Oct. 27 Arizona State W
Nov. 3 at Oregon State W
Nov. 10 California W
Nov. 17 at UCLA W
Nov. 24 Notre Dame W

2018 Utah Football Schedule

2018 Preseason Prediction: 8-4
2018 Preseason Pac-12 Prediction: 5-4
Preview 2018: Pac-12 Window Is Open

Aug. 30 Weber State W
Sept. 8 at Northern Illinois W
Sept. 15 Washington W
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 29 at Washington State L
Oct. 6 at Stanford L
Oct. 12 Arizona W
Oct. 20 USC W
Oct. 26 at UCLA L
Nov. 3 at Arizona State L
Nov. 10 Oregon W
Nov. 17 at Colorado W
Nov. 24 BYU W


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