Preview 2018: ULM Warhawks. Exciting? Yes, But Can ULM Win?

Preview 2018: ULM Warhawks. Exciting? Yes, But Can ULM Win?

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: ULM Warhawks. Exciting? Yes, But Can ULM Win?


What You Need To Know About The ULM Defense

–  Simply awful. An amazing season from the offense was wasted because the defense was the second-worst in the nation allowing 532 yards per game.

The biggest problem? The secondary got ripped to shreds.

Oddly enough, there was hope in the opener against Memphis and its high-powered passing game, but everyone else went off for 205 yards or more, except for Florida State, who finished with 199. There’s more than enough experience to be better, but don’t expect miracles.

The linebacking corps returns loaded with great tacklers. David Griffith is one of the Sun Belt’s best all-around weakside defenders, but he’s not that big and has to be part of a rotation as much as possible. There’s a little bit of bulk in the middle, but for the most part, the corps is full of beefed up safeties.

– Can the defensive front start to get behind the line. It’s like the young D line of last year got a kick in the pants, doing more in spring ball to attack the backfield and get to the quarterback more. The linebackers did most of the heavy lifting with the pass rush, but that will change.

Biggest Key To The ULM Defense

Get off the field. ULM games became way too maddening. The offense would do big things, but would have a hard time getting into a groove with the defense giving up big plays and long drives way too easily.

Opponents converted 50% or more of their third down plays six times in the last nine games, but Arkansas State and Florida State closing things out by combining to nail 16-of-24 tries. On the year, ULM went 3-1 when holding teams to under 40% – that’s not that big a bar to get over.

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